Marine Pro 400

The Next Generation – Today!

The Marine Pro 400 Series of diesel and vessel supervision equipment is designed to protect your investments not just now, but into the future. The innovative design and function of the Marine Pro 400 has the ability to communicate with multiple data networks. It is already prepared to accommodate future needs such as exhaust after-treatment system supervision and control.

Equally adept at simple stand alone solutions, or as a complex networked system on the vessel or stretching ashore, the 400 Series module means next generation advantages are here now.

Self configuring, password protected, multiple languages, and simple user interfaces means that crews need no special expertise, no special training, and the 400 Series provides the maximum level of protection, accountability and information demanded by todays owners worldwide.

RP 410E Remote Panel

P/N: 1006446

The RP 410E as a direct replacement for the existing RP 410. It has a new improved 8.4″ color touchscreen panel and significantly faster processor for instant response and clarity. It is suitable for console mount, an improvement being that it is now IP56 rated when mounted, and of course retains several IACS Society Approvals.

SDU 404 Shutdown Unit

P/N: 1006418

The SDU 404 joins its larger SDU 410 to provide the independent shutdown capability required by Classification societies. Certified by DNV, this 4 channel unit provides the key functionality and cost-effective price to align to smaller engines requiring this level of global compliance.The SDU 404 is equipped with local fault and channel status indications, a local acknowledge and reset facility, plus has a facility to perform the over speed test required by Class during local survey and commissioning.

DCU 410E Engine Controller

P/N: 1006445

The DCU 410E is the base building block to build a supervision system for both variable speed (propulsion or pumps) or fixed speed (generating set) diesel engines. It is a compact unit comprising of a front face utilizing a 5.7 color screen with 140 PPI resolution, which can be mounted to almost any flat surface with a cut-out.

Gateway for enabling fuel economy measurements

P/N: 1121416

The NMEA2000/J1939 Gateway provides means for a Marine Pro engine panel to perform Fuel Economy calculations. If there is an existing GPS with NMEA2000 output on-board, then adding this unit opens for fuel economy measurements, i.e liters or gallons of fuel per nautical mile sailed.

Wi-Fi Router

P/N: 1300084

This compact and cost-effective Wi-Fi router makes any Marine Pro engine or remote panel wireless capable. The Wi-Fi router is powered from the USB-interface on the engine panel. It is an ideal companion for the Marine Pro Observer App. Or, if the intention simply is to get the engine or remote panel Wi-Fi capable, then there is no easier and more compact way. The unit comes ready configured and is labelled with a password to login.

Marine Pro Observer

The Marine Pro Observer is an App that makes it possible to monitor your engine investment even closer. The App easily connects to any local Wi-Fi enabled DCU engine panel in the Marine Pro* series, and then customer selectable engine values are displayed in the App. It can connect to several engine panels simultaneously on multi-engine vessels.

RIO 210 Expansion I/O

P/N: 1006462

The unit is easily interfaced to the engine panel on the provided 2-wire RIO Link. The unit is especially adapted for smaller engines and very well suited with the 200 Series of engine panels. The RIO 210 has a good mix of switch, thermistor/PT100, 0-5V and thermocouple input channels. It also has a number of relay and binary outputs. Please consult the datasheet for exact number of input- and output channels.

RIO 216 I/O Expansion

P/N: 1006417

The RIO 216 connects easily on the 2-wire CAN bus of the DCU 410/408 or the DCU 210/208 engine panels. Switch status communicates fast (250 kbit/s) on the CAN bus, so this unit is good for channels that require quick reaction to events. The unit is configured in its entirety in the web-server of the engine panel.

RIO 412 Exhaust Temp. Monitoring

P/N: 1006454

The RIO 412 is a rugged 20-channel K-type thermocouple unit with a SAE J1939 CAN bus interface. It makes accurate exhaust temperature monitoring affordable and easy. It converts the temperature at each thermocouple channel into a value that can be read on the SAE J1939 CAN bus address.

DCU 408 Engine Controller

P/N: 1006455

The DCU 408 is an engine supervision unit without a local user interface. This is for use where there is no requirement for local control or indication of the systems such as in a cramped or unattended engine room. This unit (or the DCU 410 ) is a basic requirement to build a supervision system for both variable speed (propulsion or pumps) or fixed speed (generating set) diesel engines . It is a compact unit suitable for off engine mounting in a steel enclosure. The DCU 408 accept inputs from J1939 CAN bus links, CANopen interfaces, Modbus RS485 and up to 16 analogue or digital inputs in its own right. It provides outputs in all these digital formats and via a standard Ethernet connection.

RP 410 Remote Panel

P/N: 1006452

The RP 410 is a 8.4″ colour touchscreen panel with a high resolution screen. It is suitable for console mount and is of course Classification Society Approved. RP 410 can confidently monitor and control up to eight engine panels in the 200 or 400 Series. The panel is also truly self-configuring. Any change in any engine panel configuration is immediately reflected into the RP 410.

SDU 410 Shutdown Unit

P/N: 1006451

The SDU 410 is an independent, engine safety shutdown module designed to provide the functionality required to meet Classification Society Rules up to and including UMS notations. Equipped with eight switch channels for normally open (NO) switches, and inputs for two speed sensors, complete with wire break detection, the SDU 410 also provides for short circuit detection and protection.

DCU 410 Engine Controller

P/N: 1006450

The DCU 410 is the base building block to build a supervision system for both variable speed (propulsion or pumps) or fixed speed (generating set) diesel engines. It is a compact unit comprising of a front face utilizing a 5.7 color screen with 70 PPI resolution, which can be mounted to almost any flat surface with a cut-out. The DCU 410 accepts input data from the engine J1939 CAN bus link plus multiple physical I/O, which can be expanded with expansion units. It can communicate with the ships alarm system on CANopen and Modbus RTU as well as Modbus TCP on standard ethernet.

RIO 410 Expansion I/O

P/N: 1006453

The RIO 410 is an expansion module designed to allow specifiers to integrate the demanding variety of sensors and switches found today on vessels into the DCU or other ships systems through a simple two-wire link. Each RIO is automatically configured by the DCU when connected. Additionally, using password-protected areas, each RIO 410 can be reconfigured, whether connected to a DCU or used as an independent “standalone” unit.

RIO 425 AC Generator Interface

P/N: 1006409

The RIO 425 is a dedicated interface module to allow parameters from an AC alternator to be displayed on the DCU and the Ethernet network. Capable of integrating with voltages of 520VAC phase-phase, and up to 300VAC phase-neutral, plus phase currents, the unit also measures frequency, power factor and Total kW

IP Camera

P/N: 1121258

With the capability and capacity of Marine Pro, CCTV systems are yours with no extra dedicated system. The camera plugs into the Ethernet network, and the captured image is displayed on the RP 410 and RP 210 remote panels.

MK-14 Relay Expansion

P/N: 1121341

The MK-14 is a compact relay expansion unit, with 14 relays on-board. Each relay has a potential-free changeover contact. Use the configuration tool to configure the desired function to each relay. It can be any function available in the panel it is connected to. The MK-14 is designed for the 300 and 400 Series panels.

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