Marine Mechanical Services

24/7 Marine Diesel Engine Services

The MSHS facility includes a modern machine shop incorporating a medium and high speed engine and water jet propulsion divisions, fully equipped with the latest in repair and test equipment.

MSHS is an authorized service center for many of the world’s major diesel engine and propulsion system manufacturers. MSHS maintains an extensive inventory of spare parts which further enhances the range of service to customers.

Workshop Services

  • Repair and Overhaul of Engine Components including Cylinder Heads, Pistons, Cylinder Liners, Crankshaft, Camshaft, Engine Block, Fuel Injection Pump, Fuel Injectors
  • Machine Shop Performs Extensive Repairs to Engine Components Including Welding, Metalizing, Drilling, Turning, and Grinding
  • Upgrade of the Fuel, Cooling, and Exhaust Systems
  • Honing of Cylinder Liners On-Board or in our Workshop
  • Complete Turbo Charger Repair with Balancing
  • Repair, Testing, and Replacement of The Monitoring and Safety Systems

Marine Equipment Alignment

  • Alignment Inspection and Repair Services;
  • Freestanding Propulsion Engine to Transmission, Soft or Hard Mounted, Drive Motor to Transmission
  • Drive Motor to Air Compressor, A/C Compressor, Water Pump, Hydraulic Pump
  • Drive Trains and Drive Lines
  • Replacement Soft Mounts, Resin Chocks, and Steel Chocks
  • Redesign of the Mounting Configuration and System
  • Inspection and Replacement of Torsional Coupling

Quality Assurance

  • Repairs completed according to the Original Equipment Manufacturers’ specifications.
  • MSHS proudly operates under ISO 9001:2015 certifications issued by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.
  • Services are performed according to ABS, LR, GL, NV Class requirements.

Ready to serve you

Full service locations in Southeast, the Gulf Coast, and the Pacific Northwest, plus a network of local representatives throughout the Americas and the Caribbean.

Estamos disponible para servirle
Instalaciones de servicio completo en el Sureste; Costa Noroeste, y El Golfo. Además una red de agentes en
América Latina y el Caribe.

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Specializing in turnkey engine services, control systems, and engineered solutions for the Marine, Industrial, Energy, and Defense/Government Sectors, MSHS is ready to serve you!