Siloxane Removal Technology (SRT)

Advanced gas pre-treatment and purification system

Siloxanes are chemicals used extensively in industrial products such as lubricants and in personal care products. Nearly all digester and landfill gas contain one or more species of siloxanes. When biogas containing siloxanes is combusted in gas turbines, boilers, fuel cells, or internal combustion engines, silicon dioxide collects on all equipment surfaces. Typical siloxane damage: abrasion, wear, coating and plugging to valves, spark plugs, pistons, cylinder heads, and catalytic converters.

Siloxane damage can be severe, causing frequent equipment maintenance and reduced generation capacity. Downtime increases and maintenance repair costs escalate for engine component cleaning, replacement, and overhaul.

DCL Adsorption Siloxane Scrubber Technology removes harmful siloxanes from the gas supply

DCL’s SRT system is an advanced gas pre-treatment and purification system that is designed to remove harmful siloxanes from the gas supply. DCL uses a unique adsorption process that is cost effective and efficient. Manufactured with high quality stainless steel and a patented removal media, DCL’s SRT System is available in vertical or horizontal configurations.

Benefits of DCL’s SRT System:

  • Less Maintenance and Repair
  • No Increased Backpressure
  • No Loss of Power
  • Less Downtime
  • Low initial cost and lowest operating costs
  • Excellent ROI
  • Highest available reduction of Siloxane (typically 99.9% removal)
  • Scalable from small bio-mass to large land fills

Typical Landfill Siloxane System

The DCL Concept of Siloxane Removal Technology (SRT)

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