Power Management Products

From the simplest power generation applications to the most complex, Woodward has the power management control to meet your needs. Based on decades of experience with genset control, load/VAR sharing, synchronization and power protection technologies, Woodward’s power management product line is unsurpassed.

Woodward Genset Controls

Woodward designs and manufactures a range of analog and digital power management controls that meet the many diverse needs of the power generation industry. From base load or process control, to peak shaving and emergency power or communications intensive distributed power generation requirements.

Woodward Synchronizer & Load Share Controllers

Woodward offers a wide variety of controllers for the synchronization and load share market. Our basic controllers provide standard features for parallel or load share applications which are easy to set up and use.

Woodward Auxiliary Controls

As part of Woodward’s control systems, they offer additional auxiliary equipment that improves overall performance and safety within their solution ecosystem.

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