Woodward Auxiliary Controls

Woodward auxiliary products for power management.

As part of Woodward’s control systems, they offer additional auxiliary equipment that improves overall performance and safety within their solution ecosystem.

Woodward DTSC-200A Power Management Controller

DTSC-200A Power Management Controller

Woodward’s DTSC-200A is the ultimate control for new ATS (automatic transfer switch) builds. A complete measurement and protection package, it easily configures to Utility-to-Generator, Generator-to-Generator, or Utility-to-Utility systems for open, delayed, or closed-transition transfer with synch-check to ensure the smoothest possible transfer.  The extremely versatile DTSC-200A ATS controller is easily configured for a wide range of automatic transfer switch applications including Main-Gen, Gen-Gen, or Main-Main systems using circuit breakers or latching contactors. Source transfer can be performed as an open, delayed, or closed transition with in-phase monitoring (synch check) that can be enabled for all transition types to ensure a safe transfer.

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