Hedemora Turbochargers

Hedemora Turbochargers are known for their reliability, efficiency, and range for engines with a power output of 740kW to 4200kW. 

The compact and lightweight design of the axial turbine wheels ensures optimal power and efficiency, while internal plain bearings provide easy accessibility to the compressor and turbine wheel, allowing for a smaller and more efficient design. Another feature is the individually balanced rotating parts that can be replaced separately for quicker and less expensive service.

Hedemora offers huge matching possibilities, with various compressor and turbine wheel sizes, nozzle and diffusor types, and single and double compressor volutes with plain or anti-surge air inlets. Plus, many different gas intakes with one to four inlets to meet unique needs.

Features of Hedemora Turbochargers

  • High efficiency, up to 74%, for lower fuel consumption,
  • Higher performance,
  • Less emissions and smoke
  • Lower exhaust temperatures
  • Compact design and lower weight.
  • Individually balanced rotor components for in-field replacement
  • Low inertia rotor for quick response to load changes
  • Advanced materials in the turbine stage resist overheating and deposits.
  • Internal recirculation increases surge margin at part load.
  • Proven technology and easy on-site maintenance with standard tools
  • Parts in stock for fast delivery, service parts shipped within 48 hours
Hedemora Turbo Cut Out Display
Hedemora turbocharger HS430g

HS 430

Lightweight water-cooled turbocharger. 740-1700 Engine power range (kW)

Hedemora turbocharger -HS550g

HS 550

A bigger version of HS 430 with a higher mass flow and slightly higher-pressure ratio. 1700-2700 Engine power range (kW)

Hedemora turbocharger HS4800g

HS 4800

Its advanced design of aerodynamic parts greatly improves the pressure ratio & efficiency. Improved bearings double the normal operational time without maintenance. The bearing and exhaust housing is separated by heat shields and can thereby be only air-cooled. 1000-2500 Engine power range (kW)

Hedemora turbocharger HS5800g

HS 5800

A bigger version of the HS 4800 with a higher mass flow. 1500-3700 Engine power range (kW)

Hedemora turbocharger HS6800_g_250x229

HS 6800

A modified version of the HS 7800 that suits slightly smaller engines. 1800-4000 Engine power range (kW)

Hedemora turbocharger HS7800_g250x229

HS 7800

A newly developed bigger turbo designed for engines with airflow of up to 8,5 kg/s and up to 4200kW, but still only slightly bigger than HS 5800. 2000-4200 Engine power range (kW)

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Hedemora Spare Parts

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Hedemora Turbochargers

Factory-approved Hedemora turbochargers Service

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  • Retrofits and upgrades of existing equipment

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