SCN – Service Company Network


SCN is an acronym for a Group of Companies, branded under the trademark SCN – Service Company Network1 consisting of 3 members Carl Baguhn Hamburg (CBH), Carl Baguhn Barranquilla (CBB), Twinco, and Global Boiler Aalborg, and MSHS as partners.

We are a Group of trusted Companies & Partners for specialized Service Support with a presence on 3 continents and over 100 years of experience, which makes us the most reliable independent solution partner for the maritime and energy industry in the world.

We believe that our customers keep the world engine moving, and we are here to make them successful with unconditional support, in the most agile, competent, and focused way.

1 SCN is not a legal entity but a brand name representing a group of companies that have agreed to work together to form a global network consisting of members and partners.


How SCN works:

The SCN network provides vessel owners and operators access to high-quality service worldwide, reducing downtime and costs thanks to each member and partner’s reach and expertise.

Benefits for our customers:

  • SCN’s value to customers is derived from access to a global Service Provider network offering OEM competencies while maintaining a local face.
  • Extended global reach, access to a wider range of competencies enabling a higher customer value proposition, and a pre-agreed contractual framework ensuring speed of response, and visible partnership.
  • An easy-to-do-business attitude that customers have come to rely on along with network agility gives customers confidence that their assets will maintain operationally efficient wherever they are.

Global Presence:

SCN - Service Company Network map
Carl Baguhn Hamburg

Carl Baguhn Hamburg

Carl Baguhn GmbH & Co. KG

Wendenstraße 252-254 20537

Hamburg, Germany

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Km 8 Vía Barranquilla, Tubará, Zona Franca La Cayena

Barranquilla, Atlantico 080007, COLOMBIA

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N° 3 Loyang Way 4,

Singapore 506956

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Global Boiler Aalborg


Lejrevej 7
9230 Svenstrup J

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