Life Cycle Support

World Class Technical Assistance (TAG)

From mechanical governors to electronic digital systems, we are committed to offering practical solutions, keeping your equipment working at high performance and avoiding costly downtimes.

Our dedicated technical assistance staff is available to answer questions 24/7 and troubleshoot your problems real-time.

If requested, we will dispatch a factory-trained field service technician to perform the service in your plant or aboard the vessel. He will arrive on site prepared with the necessary background information and skills to troubleshoot and efficiently solve your problem. Our technicians may make recommendations to maximize control system efficiency and avoid downtime.

Remote Monitoring and 24/7 Support

Web-based, remote support enables you to speak with a technician who has first-hand knowledge of your system.

MSHS has an outstanding network of customer support, available round-the-clock, anywhere in the world. From expertise in mechanical set-ups to electronic digital systems, our dedicated technical support team offers workable solutions.

Web-based, remote support is available from our system engineering team.

MSHS provides a Remote Monitoring service that allows MSHS engineers to connect and investigate all intelligent parts of the control system, thus allowing them to find faults remotely. This typically saves on costly site visits and reduces downtime.

The Remote Monitoring system consists of a dedicated module mounted in the control cabinet that will be connected to a customer-supplied internet connection. This enables MSHS engineers to connect to the control system via a secure VPN connection provided by the site.

Ready to serve you

Full service locations in Southeast, the Gulf Coast, and the Pacific Northwest, plus a network of local representatives throughout the Americas and the Caribbean.

Estamos disponible para servirle
Instalaciones de servicio completo en el Sureste; Costa Noroeste, y El Golfo. Además una red de agentes en
América Latina y el Caribe.

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Specializing in turnkey engine services, control systems, and engineered solutions for the Marine, Industrial, Energy, and Defense/Government Sectors, MSHS is ready to serve you!