Duap Fuel Injection Systems

MSHS is an authorized distributor for Duap systems such as: Nozzles, Pump Elements, Fuel Injectors, Fuel Pump, etc. for some of the most important 2-and 4-stroke engine builders, e.g. Sulzer, Wartsila, MAN, S.E.M.T. Pielstick, MaK, etc.

MSHS also offers reconditioning service on used Fuel/Gas Injection System in order to improve reliability, efficiency and to reduce engine maintenance costs.

The DUATOP product line is a mix between latest technology and design which improves the performance of existing products.

Due to DUATOP innovative products our customers can expect savings on fuel consumption, longer lifetime and reduction of emissions.

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MSHS and DUAP have focussed on Diesel engines, Heavy Fuel engines and pilotinjection systems on gas engines. In the area of large diesel engines we cover all applications.

The systems are installed on main and auxiliary Diesels engines on ships as well as on locomotives and industrial power generating stations. The power range goes from 500 kW to 20 000 kW. With the combination of several high pressure pumps in pressure units a considerable greater power range can be covered.

We offer the highest quality with all its components: pump elements, pressure valves, injection nozzles and injection systems. Leading engine builders and their customers rely on our products thanks to our experience and strict quality control throughout the manufacturing process.

Authorized Spares Parts

MSHS maintains an extensive inventory of spare parts. As an authorized parts distributor for most of the major European manufacturers, we have access to original manufacturer drawings and data. This enables us to quickly and precisely identify needed spare parts and make critical deliveries on time. In conjunction with our integrated freight forwarding service, we are able to execute both domestic and international shipments 24/7.

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Auxiliary Equipment

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