Expansion Joint Technology

Long service life for high operational reliability

Established in 1965, STENFLEX® develops, produces and supplies flexible pipe connections to customers throughout the world.

Three features set STENFLEX® expansion joint technology apart:

  • Entirely maintenance-free
  • Highly reliable application
  • Extremely durable

This means that operators can rely on the expansion joints for cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

STENFLEX® offers something exceptional in terms of the quality, value and durability of its products. The STENFLEX® brand has become inextricably linked with rubber and steel expansion joints made of traditional materials such as EPDM, NBR, butyl and stainless steel. These provide the optimum conditions for absorbing motion and noise.

STENFLEX® Rubber Expansion Joints

Long service life guaranteeing high operational reliability

STENFLEX® rubber expansion joints impress with their compensating and damping material properties. Excessive force, arising within the pipeline, is deflected by STENFLEX® rubber expansion joints before this can be passed on to adjacent components. The expertise in designing, and constructing rubber expansion joints, is reflected in the long service life, and high operational reliability. As a result, most European nuclear power plants are equipped with STENFLEX® expansion joints. STENFLEX® pipe connections are made of high-quality rubber. They are used in industrial environments and in plant and process engineering as well as in mechanical engineering, in the production of motors and the construction of industrial equipment, and even in shipbuilding. They have also found their way into building services engineering, environmental engineering and hydraulics.

Difference between expansion joints on the basis of movements:

Universal Expansion Joints

  • Structure: Rubber bellows with adapters (flange or thread).
  • Movement absorption: Axial, lateral, angular as well as combined movements are absorbed. Universal expansion joints, with two rubber bellows and a distance pipe, are used to absorb significant movements.
  • Fixed points: Stable pipeline fixed points, and a correct and proper pipeline, are required to absorb axial forces.

Lateral Expansion Joints

  • Structure: Rubber bellows with lateral motion tensioning system and flanges.
  • Movement absorption: Lateral shifting of the expansion joint can be absorbed. The tensioning system absorbs axial stresses and relieves the load on the pipeline fixed points.
  • Fixed points: Only light fixed points are required to absorb lateral displacement and friction forces.

Angular Expansion Joints

  • Structure: Rubber bellows with tie bar and flanges. The centre of rotation, of the tie bar, is located in the centre of the bellows.
  • Movement absorption: Angular movements of the expansion joint are absorbed. The angular joints regulate a defined angular movement, absorb axial stresses and relieve the load on the pipeline fixed points.
    A distinction is made between hinged angular expansion joints (angular movement of the bellows is diverted on one level) and cardan-joint angular expansion joints (angular movement of the bellows is diverted on two levels). Angular expansion joints, with distance pipe, are used to absorb significant movements.
  • Fixed points: Only light fixed points are required to absorb angular displacement and friction forces.

Additional Products

The company’s product portfolio includes rubber and steel expansion joints, PTFE expansion joints, fabric expansion joints, pipe connectors, hoses, swivel joints and rubber-metal bearing elements.

STENFLEX® Rubber-metal Bearing Elements

Eliminate vibration and noise

  • Bearings for absorbing shock and impact vibration
  • Impact absorbing elements
  • Soft absorption of impact and acceleration forces

STENFLEX® Steel Expansion Joints

For high compressive strength and thermal endurance

  • Compensate motion
  • Compensate expansion
  • Reduce tension
  • Damp vibration and noise transmissions
  • Compensate ground and foundation settling
  • Compensate inaccurate assembly
  • Serve as dismantling joints on fittings

STENFLEX® PTFE Expansion Joints

Resistant to virtually all chemicals and solvents

  • Compensate motion
  • Compensate expansion caused by differences in temperature
  • Reduce tension
  • Damp oscillation, noise and vibration transmissions
  • Compensate imprecise assembly

STENFLEX® Fabric Expansion Joints

For stability under pressure with gaseous media at high temperatures

  • Damp vibration and noise
  • Compensate motion and expansion
  • Compensate inaccurate assembly

STENFLEX® Pipe Connectors

Absorb vibration and intercept sound transmission

  • Eliminating sound transmission, noise damping
  • Damping of vibration phenomena

STENFLEX® Industrial-Hoses

Designed to suit assembly conditions, reliable and flexible in any length

  • Vibration and noise damping along with damping vibration transmission
  • Compensation of very significant movements by virtually any overall length
  • Compensation of pipe expansions
  • Compensation of imprecise assembly
  • Relief of thermal and mechanical stress

STENFLEX® Swivel Joints

Flexible pipe connection elements with high compressive strength and thermal endurance

  • On loading and swivel arms
  • In steelworks, rolling mills and smelting works
  • In swivel joint shears
  • In hydraulic supply lines
  • On roll stands
  • On aeration tanks in sewage works
  • For filling processes on open terrain
  • In steelworks, rolling mills and smelting works

Products by application

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STENFLEX® – The specialists for high‑quality construction elements in:
  • Nuclear power plants, conventional power plants and large-scale plant construction
  • Heating, ventilation and air conditioning as well as drinking water and waste water engineering
  • Mechanical engineering, motor production, industrial equipment construction
  • Shipbuilding and ships chandlers, as well as the foodstuffs and chemical industries
STENFLEX® Quality Standards
  • Production meets the highest quality demands
  • Design and engineering department continue to introduce innovations and product improvements
  • Approved by international classification bodies and independent testing institutes and CE-compliant
  • Multitude of successful component and performance tests
  • All type series undergo stringent testing including fire resistance tests, burst, pressure and leak tests


STENFLEX® Products & Parts

STENFLEX® Products

  • Dedicated Team of Specialists
  • MSHS Partnership with STENFLEX® offering complete access to the OEM supply chain
  • Extensive inventory of STENFLEX® products
  • Competitive pricing and minimal turnaround times


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