Mechanical Designs

MSHS in-house mechanical engineering team designs solutions that enhance the lifecycle of industrial equipment and machinery.

Using the latest computer-aided technology and solid modeling designs, our highly-specialized engineers analyze and develop custom products for customer-specific applications.

MSHS offers replacement parts for Gerhardt adapters and other similar designs.

See the below table for examples of custom designed mechanical actuation modifications and adaptations.

On-site 3D Scanning and Digitization

MSHS engineers can go on-site to utilize a no-contact state-of-the-art 3D Scanning and Digitization laser-based technology that enables teams to quickly generate precise and detailed (up to 3 million touch points) 3D CAD models of physical turbine/engine components. Resulting in Solid Works ready designs that development teams can use to reverse engineer components for accurate design specifications. Faster, more accurate equals greater value ensuring your operations are efficient with less downtime.

3D scanning
3D Digitization

An object’s quick 3D scan can be compared to the original CAD model to identify inconsistencies for rapid assessments and corrective actions regarding wear, defects, warping, and twisting. Existing or damaged parts can be scanned to create functional CAD models and drawings in support of legacy equipment or equipment with insufficient documentation allowing teams to reverse engineer or redesign critical parts for customers’ systems ensuring their business keep moving!

Turbine & Engine Speed Monitor

Add a local tachometer to any turbine using existing linkage. Tach Kit may also be used to provide speed signal source for electronic governor upgrades. Available with Speed switch that converts speed reading to a 4-20 mA signal to be read in a remote location and Overspeed Trip Test device.

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Turbine Governor Retrofits

  • Drive adapter and linkage of mechanical hydraulic TG governor improves speed control
  • Pneumatic actuator configurations for greater speed and process control
  • Integrates to electronic control

UG40DMAS Conversion Kit replaces the obsolete UG40-DI governor

Struggling with an obsolete UG40 governor? MSHS offers a UG40DMAS Conversion Kit to retrofit the UG40-DI (US40 Governor with Digital Interface). The UG40MAS Plus Upgrade has all the features of the traditional UG40 governor, PLUS a digital interface for remote speed setting, start fuel limiting and shutdown.

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MSHS Actuator Replacement Kit for Waukesha ESM Extender Engines

Retrofit your Heinzmann actuator with the rugged Woodward R-11 Actuator. The MSHS Actuator Replacement Kit (p/n 1005-0026) is an easy-to-install direct replacement for the Heinzmann actuator. Resistant to water and extreme environments, Woodward R-11 offers precision control in harsh environments. CSA Class I, Div II.

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Dynalco SC-2124 Universal Scanner Adapter Kit

Uprade your obsolete Dynalco TM-5000 scanner to the current model SC-2124 with this easy replacement. Kit includes: Adapter plate for mounting the new SC2124 in the larger TM5000 cutout, DIN rail mounted terminal blocks for easy wiring.

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All Electric Actuator replaces Mechanical/ hydraulic Equipment

Replaced GE mechanical governor with all electric actuator simplifying the mechanical linkage and removing the need for the hydraulics. Speed/load control more repeatable so less time spent by maintenance in adjusting the control system.

Woodward 505 controls GE Turbine

Redesigned the front standard on this 46MW GE condensing turbine to remove all the old mechanical governor and replace with a Parker actuation driven by a Woodward 505. A new hydraulic power unit was designed to provide control oil for the actuator.

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Rotary Actuation mounted on Steam rack

Rotary actuation design on a Westinghouse single extraction turbine. The design of these actuators eliminated the need for linkage as they are directly mounted on the Steam rack.

Precise Control with all-electric Actuation

Hydro-mechanical EG3P to Electric ProAct Actuators

Woodward EG3P hydraulic actuators and 2301A speed controls were widely used on Caterpillar G3500A Series (and Waukesha F-18) engines. Replicating the new factory engine design MSHS engineered actuation packages utilizing the Woodward ProAct ISC actuator.

Waukesha F-18 Precise Control with all-electric Actuation

Hydro-mechanical EG3P to Electric ProAct Actuators

Woodward EG3P hydraulic actuators were widely used on Waukesha F-18 engines. MSHS engineered a new actuation package, part number 1005-0022, utilizing the Woodward ProAct ISC actuator, replicating the new factory engine design.

Direct Mount Kit

Actuates turbine steam valves with position signal from electronic governors. Mounting adapter fits any steam valve bolt pattern up to 10.5 inches; uses full size standoffs for a ridged connection and LH / RH linkage for easy adjustment of the coupling to the steam valve.

ProAct Bracket

Custom brackets and linkage design for any model Woodward ProAct ISC all-electric actuator / governor.


For applications where high vibration and heat cause premature failure to Valtek positioners, kit includes a LVDT position transmitter to send a feedback signal to a remote mounted electronic pneumatic servo valve. Servo valve then controls actuator thru pneumatic tubing connections.

Woodward TM25 hydraulic actuator and MPU bracket

Improve generator speed and load control by replacing old OEM system with modern actuation.

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