NEW 505 Steam Turbine Control

The NEW Woodward 505 range redefines the standard in steam turbine control.

Woodward has long set the benchmark in steam turbine control with the heritage and longevity of the 505 product range. The NEW Woodward 505 draws from its history and incorporates the latest technology and advanced algorithms bringing enhanced graphical interface, connectivity, and communications to your plant.

NEW 505 Product Brochure

NEW 505 Product Specs

A Window into Your Steam Turbine

Field user configurable steam turbine controllers with specifically designed screens, algorityms, and event recorders to simplify use in controlling industrial steam turbines or turbo-expanders, driving generators, compressors, pumps, or industrial fans. The NEW Woodward 505 puts critical information at the operators’ fingertips, and provides easy connectivity with plant operations and other Woodward equipment.

Optimize Operation and Performance

Special Opti-Tune PID Technology calculates the optimum PID settings for speed, load, pressure, etc. based on an analysis of the steam turbine’s dynamic system response.

Improved Graphical Interface

  • Front Panel HMI Screen
  • Multilingual
  • Real time trending
  • Graphic steam map (505 XLT)
  • Improved communications
  • Ethernet communications
  • Distributed I/O (LinkNet-HT)
  • CANOpen Actuator and DSLC-II Network

Improved Communications

  • Ethernet Communications
  • Distributed I/O (LinkNet-HT)
  • CANOpen Actuator & DSLC-II Network

Intelligent / Adaptive Control Algorithms

  • Adaptive PIDs (new OptiTune Technology)
  • Turbine Operation & Stress Monitor Logs

Improved Service/User Tools

Use new “RemoteView” program to monitor & control with Use service tools to configure, save & compare settings “Control Assistant” tool available for Data Log viewing

NEW 505 Integrated Control System

The 505 model is designed for simple single valve steam turbine applications where basic turbine control, protection, and monitoring are required. The 505 controller’s integrated operator control panel, overspeed protection, and trip event recorder make it ideal for small steam turbine applications.

The 505-XT model is designed for more comples single valve, single extraction or single admission steam turbine applications where more analog or discrete I/O are required.

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