Control Modernization & Retrofit

Our highly specialized engineering and technical support teams offer turn-key solutions for outdated controls. From the design and manufacture of advanced control systems to commissioning, training, and field support services, you can expect advanced energy control and optimization technologies.

From Netcons to modern Micronet controls, MSHS has access to core software to service your equipment. Our applications engineers replace outdated devices with modern, integrated electronic controls to:

  • Improve performance and fuel efficiency
  • Simplify maintenance & reduce costs
  • Optimize engine performance
  • Meet tough emissions regulations
  • Take advantage of control system remote access

Retrofit Kits

MSHS retrofit kits are engineered to streamline the installation of modern controls to replace outdated systems. The kits include the required hardware to make a seamless transition from the old to the new.

Streamline Woodward 733 FTM Control Retrofit

To simplify upgrading to the Woodward 733 Digital Control, MSHS-designed Field Terminal Module (FTM) is designed to accept wiring and termination as on the old Woodward 721/723 controls: wires that enter the top and bottom of the 721/723 connect to the same order and length on the FTM.

  • On-board LEDs for power indication and discrete input status
  • Discrete outputs through 4 SPDT relays
  • Speed sensor selection for MPU or proximity types
  • Analog input set up for loop-powered or self-powered sensors
  • Built-in CAN termination
  • DB9 laptop connection
  • Conformal coated circuit board
  • Part Number 2845-0067

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