Woodward Genset Controls

Woodward easYgen Series controllers operate gensets of all sizes and applications.

Woodward designs and manufactures a range of analog and digital power management controls that meet the many diverse needs of the power generation industry. From base load or process control, to peak shaving and emergency power or communications intensive distributed power generation requirements.

easYgen-600/800 and easYgen-1600/1800

The easYgen-600/800 and easYgen-1600/1800 are designed for single generator sets used in standby or prime power applications. These controllers include purpose built algorithms and logic for a wide-range of generator control and protection functions. Available in either a compact or advanced feature package, the new easYgen is a smart control choice for serial standby genset production.

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easYgen-3500XT (Switching Power Supply)

Woodward’s easYgen-3500 XT controls are designed to direct connect up to 690Vac and operate to 4000m above sea level without derating. The easYgen-3500XT is available in two packages. P1, focused at complex paralleling applications provides redundant Ethernet communication, LS-5 connectivity, and standard I/O set, while P2, Co-Gen/CHP model offers expanded onboard I/O set, 3-ph busbar voltage measurement capability and an interface expansion card slot for an additional interface/protocol.

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easYgen-34002 (Redundant Generator Control Panel)

Woodward’s new easYgen-34002 (Redundant Generator Control Panel) is a completely
pre-wired, factory tested control solution delivered in a compact, cost-effective package. Based on the proven easYgen-3400 hardware, the easYgen-34002 sets a new standard by making redundant control affordable and easy to apply, while providing the peace of mind only Woodward can deliver.

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easYgen3100XT / 3200XT

Woodward easYgen-3000XT Series controllers is a drop-in replacement for previous generation easYgen-3000 Series controls. Standardized software is simple to configure and easily customize with fast, secure interfacing to other controls and communications systems. Includes specifically designed algorithms and logic to start, stop, control, and protect the genset, circuit breaker and the utility. Allows standardizing on a single, affordable genset controller for distributed power generation. Applications from single stand-alone emergency backup power to parallel load sharing of multiple gen-sets in complex, segmented distribution systems with multiple utility feeds and tie breakers.

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easYgen-3000™ Series

Woodward’s easYgen-3000™ Series is an exceptionally versatile set of genset controllers and protection packages with all the flexibility and features needed to fit a wide range of generating set applications. It allows you to standardize on a single, affordable, genset controller for many uses, from stand-alone emergency generators to isochronous parallel operation of up to 32 gensets. Common applications include automatic mains failure (AMF), cogeneration, marine ship/shore power, island prime power, and utility paralleling with peak shaving and import/export control.

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LS-5 Series

Woodward LS-5 Series are synchronizer controllers with integrated protective functions. They are designed to enable complex power management applications with multiple incoming mains and bus breakers in combination with easYgen-3400/3500 equipped genset controllers. The LS-5 devices will manage synchronization, loading and un-loading on each bus segment and send the required voltage and frequency references via CAN bus to the easYgen-3400/3500 genset controllers. Available in front and back panel mount housings.

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