Marine Plus 300

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The Marine Plus 300 Series of diesel engine control units (DCUs) has continued the long tradition of Auto-Maskin in providing cost effective, simple, easy to install and Classification certified equipment to the marine engine market globally. The series include engine panels, expansion modules and remote panels.

With key features and attributes to compliment high quality construction at ISO approved facilities, and a team of engineers dedicated to improved products, installation and operational trouble shooting, and after sales support, customers of the Marine plus system have continually specified and respecified orders for these simple, robust and effective panel systems.

Selected by several engine builders as their preferred monitoring system, the 300 Series of units has fully protected owners investments since 1999.

DCU 305 R3 Engine Controller

P/N: 1006602

The DCU 305 R3 includes an interface to the engine J1939 CAN bus data link. In addition, it combines the Classification Society requirements for separate monitoring and safety functions in one unit. Furthermore, it has inbuilt functionality to run in a propulsion, emergency, auxiliary or combined mode of operation.

DCU 305 R3 LT Engine Controller

P/N: 1006420

The proven low-cost choice for classed, mechanical engines. This basic, yet very capable engine controller is suitable for engines not requiring a CAN bus interface. It has enough I/O for most standard installations, with options for more I/O and ready for Modbus communication or remote panel use.

Rudolf Cable

P/N: 1075225

This cable is used between a PC with an RS-232 port and the DCU 305 to configure the DCU 305. The PC must have the Rudolf configuration software installed. If there is no RS-232 port on the PC, then this cable shall be used together with the USB to RS-232 converter cable (p/n 1020080).

USB to RS-232 Converter Cable

P/N: 1020080

The USB to RS-232 converter cable makes it possible to use a PC without an RS-232 port and still successfully configure the DCU 305. It shall be connected in series with the Rudolf cable.

RSP 305 Remote Panel

P/N: 1006500

Where remote monitoring of multiple DCU 305 units are required, the RSP 305 should be utilized. Up to four DCU 305 units can be connected to each RSP 305. Information is displayed in the same way as on the local DCU 305 using the same high contrast / easy read screen. Naturally, having the same user interface on the engine room panel and on the remote panel makes vital information available fast. The RSP 305 configures itself to the DCU 305 network automatically upon connection. Nearly all information available locally on the DCU 305 engine panel is also available on the RSP 305 remote panel. The RSP 305 remote panel supports both the DCU 305 R2 and the DCU 305 R3 and R3 LT, even used together in the same network.

RK-66 Interface Module

P/N: 1075410

This interface block is a mandatory requirement for each DCU 305 controller. With 12 switch inputs, 5 analog inputs, 2 speed sensors, and other connections for power, speed relays and connection to the DCU 305, this unit is simply mounted on a standard DIN rail.

AK-6 Analog Expansion

P/N: 1075264

The AK-6 add six 4-20 mA channels to the DCU 305 panel system of type R2 and R3. Only one AK-6 unit can be used per DCU 305 panel. The unit comes with a 15-pin D-SUB connector cable that connects to the reserved Analog Expansion port on the DCU 305. The new channels are then configured in the standard Rudolf configuration software. The AK-6 also has an expansion port for the optional relay expansion unit, MK-14.

MK-14 Relay Expansion

P/N: 1121341

The MK-14 is a compact relay expansion unit, with 14 relays on-board. Each relay has a potential-free changeover contact. Use the configuration tool to configure the desired function to each relay. It can be any function available in the panel it is connected to. The MK-14 is designed for the 300 and 400 Series panels.

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