TDI TurboTwin Series

The compact design, fewer moving parts, pinion gear, and mechanical integration of each component are what deliver true TurboTwin performance.

  • Resistant to dirt, particles or contaminants
  • Requires no lubrication, no oily mess or exhaust
  • Proprietary aerodynamic speed control prevents “gear box burnout” on extended crank cycles
  • Eliminates fugitive starter exhaust and the associate emission systems they require
  • Unmatched efficiency for low air/gas consumption
  • Delivers 25% more power

Turb oStart Two

Integral Start System, powerful air motor and built-in controls, pre-programmed logic, relay valve, solenoid, muffler.

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T20 TurboTwin

Compact,low pressure turbine air starter. Diesel engines >6 liters or gas engines >8 liters.

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T25 TurboTwin

Compact 4.75″ diameter X 11″ length. Ideal for small marine engines 6-16 liters.

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T30 TurboTwin

T30-I inertia-engaged, T-30-P pre-engaged, and T30-M industrial air/gas drive motor configurations. Engines up to 20 liters.

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T50 TurboTwin

40 hp starting power for medium size gas and diesel engines > 80 liters. Great for work boats or remote oil and gas fields.

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T100 Series TurboTwin

T100-V Pre-Engaged

T100-B Inertia-Engaged

Standard and low pressure for large diesel or spark ignited engine applications > 300 liters.

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MSHS Customized Monitoring Products

MSHS engineers enhance off-the-shelf products with innovative modifications to meet specific customer requirements.


MSHS Overspeed Protection (Tach Kits)

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