Actuation for Steam Turbines

Woodward hydro-mechanical actuators are the vital link between the electronic governor and the turbine fuel-control input. Our extensive product line provides a variety of control solutions for steam and industrial gas turbines.

CPC Current to Pressure Converter

The Woodward CPC Current to Pressure Converter is designed for positioning steam and fuel valves and/or the associated servos. A 4?20 mA in/out signal is linearly and proportionally converted into a hydraulic output pressure. The CPC can interface with any electronic control, such as Woodward MicroNet systems and the Woodward 505 Control. It connects to pressure-operated servo systems and single-acting power cylinders. The CPC is suited for new as well as retrofit applications.

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CPC-DX (CPC Dual Transfer Skid)

The CPC-DX (current-to-pressure converter dual transfer) is a hydraulic pressure control skid designed for use in positioning single-acting steam turbine valve servos in critical applications. This Redundant CPC skid includes two CPC-II units configured in a master/slave configuration. The master unit controls output pressure; the slave unit tracks master unit operation and bumplessly takes control of output pressure should there be a failure with the master unit. Optionally users can switch between converters to verify unit operation, and replace either converter on-line, should there be a need.

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Electrohydraulic Power Cylinder (EHPC)

The Woodward Electrohydraulic Power Cylinder (EHPC) provides the force to operate the control valves of a steam turbine. The EHPC is intended for use on mechanical drives or generator driven turbines. The EHPC integrates the actuator, pilot valve, electronic feedback device, final driver, and the power cylinder into a single package, eliminating linkage and reducing hydraulic plumbing and wiring.

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Electrohydraulic Power Servo (EHPS)

The Woodward Electrohydraulic Power Servo (EHPS) is a fully integrated three-stage servo valve designed to drive low-pressure steam turbine control valve cylinders. The EHPS, in conjunction with a new or already installed steam valve cylinder, provides the linear actuation force to operate steam turbine control valves or valve racks. This servo can be configured to drive single or double acting actuators, and to use the system’s turbine lube oil supply, or a separate oil source (5.5?17.2 bar, 80?250 psi).

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H-Spring Actuator

The Woodward H-Spring Actuator is a modular, high-pressure, hydraulic actuator designed for high-force linear or rotary valve control applications requiring failsafe functionality. The actuator can be configured for either modulating or on/off services. Both custom and standard configurations are available to match the required application. H-Spring actuators are designed for use in utility steam turbine control valves and stop valves, gas turbine steam admission valves and bypass air valves, and in general process applications.

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Hydraulic Amplifier

The electrically controlled Woodward Hydraulic Amplifier is a pilot-operated, linear servo actuator used in conjunction with the Woodward 2301, 505 Series or MicroNet electronic controls. The amplifier contains a Woodward EG-3P actuator which converts the electric control signal to a rotary output which controls the servo output position taken by the amplifier. The amplifier is capable of operating the control mechanisms for steam turbines or large engines which require relatively large forces and work capacity.

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PG-PL Actuator/Driver

Woodward PGPL Actuator/Driver is an electrohydraulic actuator with a proportional driver interface which can be used with electronic controls providing a 0 to 200 mA position signal. The actuator is designed for use with Woodward 2301Aand D series, 700-series, Peak® 150, and 505 digital controls.

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ProAct™ Digital Plus Actuator

The Woodward ProAct™ Digital Plus actuator is intended to be mounted on-engine to control varying functions including (but not limited to): fuel rack positioning, timing control, throttle valve, and wastegate positioning. The actuator is effectively a positioner with an integral driver, which will accept a position command signal from another device in the system such as a speed control. The ProAct™ Digital Plus actuator includes an integral digital driver capable of controlling the actuator, communicating with the outside control system, and containing on-board software and intelligence to realize monitoring and customizing functions.

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Servo Position Controller (SPC)

The Woodward Servo Position Controller (SPC) is a servo-valve driver that accepts a DeviceNet™ or 4?20 mA based position demand signal from a system controller, and accurately positions proportional or integrating servo-valves. The SPC has the required accuracy, responsiveness, and redundancy required for steam or gas turbine fuel valve control. For valve position sensing, the SPC accepts feedback signals from one or two (redundant) ac devices or one dc device. A Windows based software program is used to configure the SPC, adjust tunables, and monitor parameters via a personal computer. For ease of service, SPC configurations can be done while connected or disconnected to the unit. Once a configuration has been created, this program allows configurations to be uploaded and downloaded to other SPCs as desired.

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TG-13E and TG-17E Proportional Actuators

The Woodward TG-13E and TG-17E proportional actuators are self-contained electrohydraulic actuators for use on steam turbines where isochronous control, load sharing, or other functions are required. They can be used with all available Woodward electronic governor controls and accessories. The TG actuators convert an electrical signal to a corresponding proportional output shaft position to position the valve which controls the flow of steam or energy medium to the turbine. They are intended for controlling small steam turbines driving such loads as alternators, dc generators pumps, compressors, fans or paper-making machines.

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TM-25LP and TM-200LP Actuators

The Woodward TM-25LP and TM-200LP actuators are electrohydraulic, proportional actuators for positioning steam and fuel-control valves requiring low/high force linear inputs.

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UG 40 Actuator

The Woodward UG-Actuator and UG40 Actuator offer the advantages of electronic control and load sharing systems while using the convenient, existing UG-type drives and linkages. The actuators provide the muscle for Woodward analog controls such as the 2301A, as well as Woodward digital controls such as the 500-series, 700-series, and the IGEM engine management system. The actuators can be used with diesel, gasoline, or natural gas engines, as well as with steam and industrial gas turbines. The actuators have a self-contained oil sump so a separate oil supply is not required.

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VariStroke Linear Actuator

The VariStroke-GI is a family of linear electro- hydraulic actuators that are designed to provide the linear actuation force to operate steam turbine control valves, valve racks, and Trip & Throttle Valves (T&TV). This single-acting actuator family is intended for use on mechanical-drive or generator-drive steam turbines and uses a low-pressure hydraulic oil source (typically turbine lube oil) to provide its output shaft force.

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