Mechanical Governors for Diesel Engines

Engine manufacturers and users depend on Woodward hydraulic-mechanical governors to provide reliable and precise control of engine speed and output in virtually every type of engine application. Available in work output ratings from 10.8 inch-pounds up to 500 foot-pounds, Woodward governors are used in power generation, marine, pump, compression, and vehicle applications.

EGB Governor/Actuator

The Woodward EGB Governor/Actuator is used with Woodward analog or digital electronic controls that provide a proportional 20?160 mA signal to control dual fuel, diesel, and gasoline engines, and gas and steam turbines driving electrical or mechanical loads. The governor/actuator is available for outputs of 1, 2, 10, 13, 29, 35, 58, 200, and 300 ft-lb work capacity to position fuel racks or linkage.

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PG Dial & Lever Governors

The Woodward PG Dial and Lever governors control the speed of diesel, gas, and dual-fuel engines in a variety of fields. The applications include engines driving pumps, compressors, alternators, variable speed dc generators, marine propulsion units, and paper machines. Besides controlling speed, PG governors can also limit load and shut down the engine when the lubricating oil pressure fails. Woodward customizes each PG governor to meet the needs of the engine and the application.

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PGG Governor

The PGG is used for controlling speed or power output of engines where remote speed-setting capabilities with droop are required. It is especially useful in parallel generator-set applications where alternator frequencies must be matched, or the governor operated in droop mode for load distribution.

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The Woodward PG-PL is a pressure compensated, isochronous control type governor widely used for controlling speed for all types of diesel or gas engines and steam turbines, driving pumps and compressors. It produces output in the 12 to 58 ft-lb range.

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PSG Governor

The Woodward PSG governor is a pressure compensated, speed-droop or isochronous governor for controlling the speed of small diesel, gas, and gasoline engines, or small steam or industrial gas turbines. The governor is used to control engines or turbines driving alternators, dc generators, pumps, or compressors.

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SG Governor

The Woodward SG governor hydraulic speed droop type governor is designed for use on small diesel, gas, or gasoline engines where isochronous control is not required. The design of the speed droop governor is such that the governor operates at a slower speed as engine load increases.

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UG40MAS Plus Retrofit for UG40-DI

The UG40MAS Plus has all the features of the traditional UG-40 governor, plus a digital interface for remote speed setting, start fuel limiting and shutdown. This modification of the UD40-DI governor maintains the proven mechanical-hydraulic reliability of the UG-40D and the electronic reliability of the Woodward MAS driver box. The E-box functionality and fuel limiter assembly is replaced by a modified UG-40 governor and a small cabinet and the start fuel limiter assembly located in the UG40-DI governor is replaced with an on/off adjustable solenoid that provides the start limiter functionality.

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UG-25+ Governor

The Woodward UG-25+ governor is a microprocessor-controlled, mechanical-hydraulic amplified, governor for controlling diesel, gas, and dual fuel engines, and steam turbines. The UG-25+ offers enhanced control capabilities, such as start fuel and boost limiting schemes. The additional transient fuel limiting (jump-rate) improves the engine load acceptance and reduces transient emissions significantly. The UG-25+ concept offers a fast-acting and high-work-output governor, without the need for any auxiliary devices such as a start booster.

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The Woodward UG-5.7/8/10 governor is a mechanical-hydraulic governor for controlling diesel, gas, or dual fuel engines, or steam turbines. UG-Dial governors are particularly suited for constant speed applications. Knob speed settings make synchronization easy for generator applications. Motor speed setting is available for remote synchronization. UG Lever governors are widely used for variable speed control. Remote speed setting can be either mechanical through the speed setting lever or pneumatic with a special speed setting device. Special attachments are available for other applications.

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