FPT Powers New Salmon Gillnetter for Bristol Bay

FPT Powers New Salmon Gillnetter for Bristol Bay - PipeDream

In the heart of Alaska’s rugged Bristol Bay, where salmon runs draw fishermen from across the globe, a new vessel emerges, poised to make waves in the fishing industry. Meet the “PipeDream”, a 32’ x 15’ twin jet boat purpose-built for the demanding waters of Bristol Bay, equipped with cutting-edge FPT engines courtesy of Marine Propulsion West.

“Why FPT?” According to owner Ben Waddell, the decision was clear-cut. “FPT has proven to bring high-performance value-driven engines to the Bay,” explains Waddell. “Even amidst global shipping and supply chain challenges, FPT delivered on time.”

The vessel is powered by FPT Cursor-9 580 engines, selected for their superior performance tailored to the demands of Bristol Bay. Unlike their counterparts, the Cursor 9 delivers peak horsepower around 2000 RPM, maintaining power output up to 2550 RPM while keeping fuel consumption consistent. “Why not run over 40 MPH if you’re burning the same fuel as cruising at 25?” asks the team rhetorically, highlighting the efficiency and power of their FPT engines.

The “PipeDream” boasts best-in-class performance metrics suited for its intended use. With a projected top speed exceeding 40 MPH and the ability to plane at 1750 RPM, this vessel is well-equipped for navigating Bristol Bay’s swift currents. Even when fully laden with 14,500 lbs. of cargo, the “PipeDream” maintains a respectable cruising speed of over 30 MPH. However, the true test of its capabilities will come during sea trials, where its performance will be tested in real-world conditions.

Behind every great vessel stands a team of dedicated craftsmen and collaborators. The “PipeDream” is no exception. Built according to a Specmar design, the construction of this vessel was a collaborative effort involving numerous skilled welders and artisans from Warrenton.

From JC Welding to Defiant Boatworks, Bell and Whistle Marine to Warren Junes, and K Manufacturing, each contributor played a crucial role in bringing the “PipeDream” to life. Their expertise and dedication shine through in every weld and seam, ensuring that this vessel meets the highest standards of quality and performance.

The “PipeDream” prepares to hit the water at the end of May 2024. With its FPT engines roaring and Bristol Bay beckoning, the “PipeDream” stands ready to carve a new chapter in the storied legacy of Pacific fishing boats.

For those who call Bristol Bay home, and for those who come seeking adventure, the “PipeDream” promises an exhilarating journey filled with the thrill of the catch and the majesty of the open sea. So, as the waters of Bristol Bay call out to the daring and the determined, one vessel stands ready to answer—the “PipeDream”, powered by FPT.