Double Header’s Return: A Tale of Restoration and Adventure


In the world of maritime lore, there’s a special place reserved for vessels that have weathered countless storms, reeled in epic catches, and carried the dreams of seafarers around the world. Among these storied vessels Double Header, a classic sport-fisher with a history as rich as the waters it once navigated stands out.

This isn’t just a tale of what was, it’s a story of resurrection bringing an iconic boat back from the brink of oblivion to roam the seas once again in search of adventure. Where else could such a rebirth take place but amid the Azores, a haven for blue marlin and intrepid anglers alike?

Picture this: Double Header is neglected and languishing in obscurity for a decade until fate intervenes. Enter Bob Sloan and his son Teddy, heirs to a fishing legacy spanning generations. Their chance encounter with the dilapidated vessel sparks a journey that will reignite the flames of passion for both fishing and craftsmanship.

Why is Double Header’s story so iconic? None other than the owner who made it famous, Stephen Sloan, a legendary angler whose exploits earned him acclaim and reverence. His legacy lives on in the records he set and the conservation efforts he championed, a beacon of inspiration for all who follow in his wake.

With determination and reverence for the past, a team of artisans set to work, breathing new life into Double Header. From the creaking timbers to the mighty new FPT engines that power her, every detail is meticulously restored to its former glory. As the sun sets on the final day of restoration, Double Header emerges ready to reclaim her rightful place among the waves.

Follow the tale of Double Header as she returns to the waters of the Azores, a testament to the enduring bond between man and sea.

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