easYgen-1000 Series

Automatic Mains Failure Controls easYgen-1600 / easYgen-1800

Woodward easYgen-1000 series is designed for single generator set used in stand-by or prime power applications. The controllers include purpose built algorithms and logic to start, stop, control, and protect the genset, open/close circuit breakers and if applicable mains supply monitoring with automatic changeover. Equipped with state of the art communication interfaces, Woodward’s easYgen-1000 Series AMF genset controllers provide exceptional versatility and value for the OEM genset packagers.

The easYgen-1000 Series is available in two variants:

  • easYgen-1600 compact AMF controls offers a state of the art LCD, adequate on-board I/Os and common industrial connectivity
  • easYgen-1800 advanced AMF controller comes with a large liquid crystal display (LCD), I/O expansion possibility, Ethernet and SD card connectivity

Easy-to-use software ToolKit-SC simplifies configuring the controllers for standard system application as well as making it easy to customize it for individual solutions. Additionally, the module’s integral front panel allows adjustment of several parameters.

easYgen-1800 Benefits:

  • Reduced effort through product standardization for optimized inventory, manufacturing, commissioning and service
  • Extended connectivity with built-in Ethernet, CAN (J1939), RS485 (Modbus), RS232 (Modem), USB (Service) interfaces
  • Heavy duty relays for engine, breaker and application interface
  • Life time event logging for detailed troubleshooting and root cause analysis
  • Best in class LCD display for enhanced user experience
  • Multi-lingual customizable on site, there are 2 standard languages plus 1 free slot for your custom language
  • Comprehensive engine, generator and utility protection
  • Three-phase true RMS power sensing
  • Operation modes: AUTO, STOP, and MANUAL modes accessible through front panel, discrete inputs or via interfaces
  • Remote control via multiple interfaces and via discrete inputs
  • Direct support of several ECUs such as Bosch, Cummins, John Deere, MTU, Perkins, Scania, Volvo, Woodward
  • Two 16 A relay outputs for cranking and fuel solenoid
  • Event and data logging capability with real time clock
  • Maintenance scheduler with multipurpose flexible timers
  • Operating hours, start, maintenance counters and monitoring
  • Can be applied on pumping units as an indicating instrument (relays are inhibited)
  • Fully configurable via PC using USB. Front panel configurable with password protection
  • Manual breaker operation with tactile buttons on front panel
  • Customizable boot-up logo with adjustable screen display time
  • Multilingual capability selectable on site

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