Fuel Metering Valves for Gas Turbines

Woodward’s complete line of Fuel Metering Systems or “fuel skids” incorporates the components needed for DLEengine operation for industrial aero-derivative gas turbine platforms. They represent the latest in a long line of fully validated, highly reliable systems made available to the market at cost-effective prices. These simple, drop-in solutions are typically applied to electrical power generation, gas compression, and mechanical drive system processes.

3103 Gas Valve

The Woodward 3103 gas valve is a stainless steel valve capable of metering gas flow between 23 and 18 144 kg/h (50 and 40 000 lb/h). It is designed to be corrosion resistant and self-cleaning, allowing it to operate in sour gas environments (high sulfur content gas) that can cause problems for other valves. When used in conjunction with an EM35MR electric actuator and EM 24 V digital driver, the 3103 valve delivers the demanding accuracy needed for DLE applications.

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Fuel Metering for Dry Low Emissions and Catalytic Combustion Control

Woodward is a leader in fuel metering for Dry Low Emissions and Catalytic Combustion Control. For applications requiring from 2 up to 5 parallel paths Woodward can provide the fuel metering system and the control. Our DLE fuel metering systems are capable of 2.0% of point, mass flow accuracy and our current programs cover multiple small industrial engines and aero-derivatives.

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Gas Shutoff Valve

The Woodward Gas Shutoff Valve is designed to provide extremely fast shutoff to gaseous flow and to be used for emergency and normal shutdown operation. The valve operates at pressures up to 900 psi and its all stainless steel construction assures availability of the valve under all operating conditions. The valve design allows minimum pressure drop by utilizing a straight through flow, this also keeps all critical moving parts and seals out of the flow stream.

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SonicFlo™ Valve

The Woodward SonicFlo™ valve controls the flow of gas fuel to the combustion system of an industrial or utility gas turbine. The design yields a linear flow characteristic unaffected by discharge pressure up to a pressure ratio (P2/P1) of at least 0.8. The actuator is a single-acting spring-loaded design for fail safe operation. The actuator includes an on-board hydraulic filter for last chance filtration of the fluid to ensure reliability of the servovalve and actuator. Feedback for the actuator is provided by a dual coil, dual rod linear variable differential transforme coupled to the hydraulic piston.

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Woodward Gas Stop/Ratio Valve

The Woodward Gas Stop/Ratio Valve performs a dual function for industrial or utility gas turbines. The valve features a modular design, and meets critical control characteristics while allowing the same valve design to accommodate a variety of stroke, force output, and mechanical interface arrangements. The electrical and mechanical interfaces have been designed for quick and easy assembly or removal of the valve, at the factory or in the field. The components include an on-board hydraulic filter, electrohydraulic servo valve, trip valve, single-acting hydraulic cylinder, and dual LVDTs.

Woodward GS Series Gas Fuel Metering Systems

Woodward GS series gas fuel metering systems are designed for use on industrial gas turbines in the 200 kW to 50 MW output power range. The assemblies provide reliable, cost effective interfaces between electronic engine control systems and gas turbines used in power generation, compressor, and mechanical drive applications.

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