Engine Controls for Diesel Engines

Woodward’s control systems are found on stationary engines, buses, and mobile and industrial engines around the world. Their vast experience allows us to engineer a solution that optimizes engine emissions and efficiency through precise control of air flow, fuel flow, combustion processes, exhaust flow, and after treatment with an integrated systems approach.

MSHS Woodward flex 500 Engine Control System

Flex500 Digital Control for Turbines, Engines, or Compressors

The Flex500 control system is a custom programmed industrial hardware platform that offers robust, low-cost control for a wide variety of turbine, engine, and compressor applications. Designed to function as a distributed control system, Woodward-based RTCnet™ and/or LINKnet HT™ distributed I/O modules can be used to expand the number and type of input and output signals as required. Ethernet, serial and CAN communication ports, and the related Modbus® TCP/IP and CANopen protocols also make this platform ideal for functioning as part of an overall plant distributed control system (DCS) or as a standalone controller. Four Ethernet ports and four CAN ports allow for the network flexibility and redundancy necessary for today’s critical control system architectures.

Atlas ll Control System

The Atlas-II control is an industrial platform that offers robust, low-cost control for a wide variety of turbine, engine, and compressor applications. This control is designed to integrate into the modern plant architecture through the use of Ethernet and fieldbus communication protocols. Four Ethernet ports and add-on fieldbus communication modules allow for the network flexibility and redundancy. The Atlas-II provides reliable and deterministic performance for key prime mover control functionality.

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ESS Electronic Speed Switches

Woodward ESS electronic speed switches are used to protect against overspeed and underspeed, to detect starting speed and disconnect the cranking motor, to detect other critical speeds. These fully electronic switches can be applied to generator sets, starter motors, engines, and other equipment. They can receive inputs from magnetic pickups, alternator output, ignition output, or the Mini-Gen? signal generator.

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In-Pulse ll ™ System

The Woodward In-Pulse™ system has been developed to control a range of Woodward electrical low-pressure gas admission valves and electric-hydraulic high-pressure rail valves. These valves provide a means of injecting fuel or other fluids into engines operating within a speed range of 1 to 2100 rpm. Plate type solenoid operated gas admission valves (SOGAVs) are suitable for in-manifold injection.

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2300E Digital Load Sharing and Speed Control

The 2300 Digital Electronic Load Sharing & Speed Control is a microprocessor-based hardware platform that is custom programmable to the specific needs of the applic ation. Typically the control is used to provide speed and load control functions for reciprocating engines, or steam or gas turbines. The control consists of a single printed circuit board that is housed in a sheet-metal enclosure. Both ordinary and hazardous location versions are available. The unit is intended for bulkhead mounting, and spring-loaded terminal blocks are provided for termination of field wiring. The 2300E is powered from 24 Vdc.

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2301A Speed Control

The Woodward 2301A Speed Control controls the speed or load of diesel or gas engines, or steam or gas turbines. The unit provides control in the isochronous mode, with droop available through an externally wired potentiometer. The isochronous mode is used for constant speed of the controlled prime mover as long as it is able to provide power to satisfy the load.

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2301A Load Sharing & Speed Control

The Woodward 2301A Load Sharing and Speed Controls with temperature limiting or process limiting are used in electric generator systems for which load sharing is desired. They can be used with diesel or gas engines, or steam or gas turbines and are compatible with all Woodward electronic controls.

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2301E Digital Load Sharing and Speed Control

Woodward’s 2301E provides load sharing and speed control of generators being driven by diesel or gaseous engines. Using an external computer (PC) and built-in configuration software, application variations may be programmed to accommodate engine speed range, gear teeth, and select forward or reverse acting. The 2301E controller is backward compatible with existing 2301D products using the same footprint and mounting configuration with enhanced features.

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723 Plus Digital Control

The Woodward 723 Plus Digital Control manages and controls reciprocating engines (gas, diesel, or dual fuel) used in power generation, marine propulsion, and gas compression/distribution. The control may also be used in co-generation, power transmission/distribution, process management, pipeline pump stations, utility power generation, emergency standby power, and remote control station operation. The 723 Plus provides state-of-the-art control for new and retrofit situations.

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733 Digital Control

The Woodward 733 Digital Control manages and controls reciprocating engines (gas, diesel, or dual fuel) used in power generation, marine propulsion, locomotive and industrial engine, and process markets. It can be mounted directly on the engine or inside control cabinets. The 733 is available as a standalone speed control or as the main control unit within an engine management system. It is designed for network connectivity and may be programmed to perform all engine functions such as speed, air and fuel control, monitoring, alarms, engine protection and sequencing.

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