“Under Wraps” Unleashing the Mythical Battleship

MSHS FPT engines under wraps national fisherman article

In 2021, Derick Burns took the Killer, a vinyl-wrapped gillnetter, to Bristol Bay, turning heads with its giant salmon-themed design, promoting FPT engines during pandemic restrictions.

Now, the 2023 season welcomes the Battleship, a brainchild of MSHS’ Justin Roeser. Wrapped like a war survivor, it conceals Tom Aliotti’s secret hull design, powered by two 530-hp FPT engines.

The Battleship’s wheelhouse boasts cutting-edge electronics, ready to navigate the sockeye-rich waters. The crew, led by Captain Derick Burns, consists mostly of brave skilled women.

This extraordinary boat journey blends reality and fantasy, captivating imaginations as it sails to Bristol Bay. Join us in witnessing the magic unfold in the full article—where myth meets innovation in the Battleship’s extraordinary tale!

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