Alaska trawlers
Bristol Bay - FPT powered Vessel
June 11, 2023, will be the unveiling of the newest Bristol Bay boat named the “Norrin Radd” made by ACI Boats with the technical support of Marine Propulsion West along with Marine Jet Power and powered by FPT with a pair of remarkable Twin keel-cooled FPT N67 570 EVO engines in all their glory. Witness...
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MSHS spa for engines - engineer servicing vessel engine
Curious about the engines that power Alaska’s big trawlers and how they get repaired after thousands of hours of service? Then you won’t want to miss this magazine article from National Fisherman on MSHS, and the “spa for engines” in Everett, Washington. MSHS specializes in rebuilding large-bore, medium-speed European engines, primarily from Bergen, MAK, and...
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