The “spa for engines”

MSHS spa for engines - engineer servicing vessel engine

Curious about the engines that power Alaska’s big trawlers and how they get repaired after thousands of hours of service? Then you won’t want to miss this magazine article from National Fisherman on MSHS, and the “spa for engines” in Everett, Washington. MSHS specializes in rebuilding large-bore, medium-speed European engines, primarily from Bergen, MAK, and Wartsila, that power the Alaska trawlers, but also works on other engines from all over the world.

The article describes the process of tearing down engines, repairing or replacing parts, and putting them back together again, all while meeting the demands of boat owners who need repairs completed quickly.

The article also highlights MSHS’ investment in specialized equipment for working on turbochargers and governors, as well as the strong support network available. If you’re interested in the fascinating world of commercial/work vessel engines and the dedicated professionals who keep them running, read on!

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