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Reconditioned Components

Reconditioned Components

MSHS maintains an extensive inventory of reconditioned and re-manufactured engine components, such as:

  • • Cylinder Heads
  • • Valve Cages
  • • Injection Components including complete Injection Pumps
  • • Piston Crowns
  • • Cylinder Liner
  • • Turbocharger Components and many more

As an authorized parts distributor for most of the major manufacturers, we have access to original manufacturer drawings and data. This enables us to quickly and precisely identify needed spare parts and make critical deliveries on time. In conjunction with our integrated freight forwarding service, we are able to execute both domestic and international shipments 24/7.

Reconditioned spare parts and components are available for engines and turbochargers on either exchange basis or for sale.

Reconditioned and Used Parts for Sale

MSHS maintains an on-line catalog of reconditioned and used parts available for sale. Visit our on-line catalog for a complete listing of all parts currently available.


Our reconditioned Diesel Engines & Turbocharger Brands

Engine Reconditioned
  • Engine Brands:

    • MAN Diesel & Turbo SE
    • S.E.M.T. PIelstick
    • Sulzer
    • DEUTZ
    • MaK
    • MWM
    • Stork Werkspoor
  • Turbocharger Brands:

    • MAN Diesel & Turbo SE
    • Napier Turbocharger
    • METurbo
    • PBS
    • KBB