ZF Repower

Repowering is probably the most significant investment that you will make aside from the purchase. ZF Marine wants to help ensure that you get the most out of your repower investment.

ZF Marine can provide an integrated propulsion solution, from flywheel to rudder. We work closely with all major engine manufacturers, and can assist you in putting together the right repower package to suit your needs. We have a broad range of transmissions, control systems and propellers to fit the exact specifications and requirements for your vessel.

The MSHS team has in-house technical support in the form of application engineers and a naval architect that can provide information and support as you plan your specific project. We can assist wtih proper transmission and ratio selection, propeller sizing and specing the right control system for your new power package. You can talk to us about transmission options maybe you want to keep your existing ZF transmissions.

We can look at your repower plan and tell you if that’s feasible and if it’s cost effective. If you do keep your existing transmissions, our factory trained service team can rebuild your transmissions to factory tolerance using only Genuine ZF.

ZF is Propulsion

For integrated propulsion packages and shaftline systems that offer optimal maneuverability, comfort and speed, ZF Marine is the best choice for high-performance and dependable marine technology that will fit your specific pleasure craft needs.

Commercial Craft Propulsion Systems

Complete line of commercial craft propulsion systems for workboat and fast craft.

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Pleasure Craft

ZF Technology for Pleasure Craft and Yachts

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ZF Propellers from a world leader in propulsion system technology.

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Genuine ZF Parts, & Factory-Authorized Services

Genuine ZF Marine parts and components are built to exact factory specifications. Prompt service and installation, and comprehensive customer support is what you’ll receive from our MSHS Parts Service Department. We are ready to help. Please contact us to ensure your pleasure craft or work vessel is running at optimal performance.

ZF Spare Parts

Find out more about our extensive spare parts portfolio.

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ZF Service

Find out more about our engine and auxiliary services

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Full service locations in Southeast, the Gulf Coast, and the Pacific Northwest, plus a network of local representatives throughout the Americas and the Caribbean.

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Instalaciones de servicio completo en el Sureste; Costa Noroeste, y El Golfo. Además una red de agentes en
América Latina y el Caribe.

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