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Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc. (MSHS) – Turbo Division has been an authorized member of the Napier Service Network for more than 20 years.

As a member of the Napier Service Network, MSHS is backed by Napier's 60 years of experience and proven reliability to consistently produce market leading turbochargers.

The Napier Turbocharger product range spans over 50,000 turbochargers.

Napier's newest NT Series Turbocharger is designed to provide market-leading efficiencies and pressure ratios.

Every factory-trained and certified MSHS engineer is re-certified each year keeping up-to-date with the latest in technological developments within Napier Turbochargers.

Features of Napier Turbochargers

  • • High overall efficiency resulting in lower engine fuel consumption
  • • Reduced exhaust temperatures
  • • Broad operating range resulting in greater engine performance and flexibility
  • • High compressor pressure ratios allow matching with the latest developments in engine technology
  • • Compact, robust and cost effective construction

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Product Range

  • 5 Series

    5 Series

    NA155 / NA225 / NA256 / NA295 / NA355 / NA457 / NA557

    • Improved fuel consumption
    • Reduced engine emissions
    • Reduced through life costs
    • Reduced thermal loads on the engine
    • Increased power
  • 7 Series

    7 Series

    NA297 / NA307 / NA357 / NA39 / NA 397+

    • High efficiency, impacting fuel consumption
    • Improved on-site maintenance through cartridge construction, reduced operational down time
    • Air cooled operation
    • Extended service life due to innovation Squeeze Film Bearing System
    • High pressure ratio capability
  • 8 Series

    8 Series

    NA298 / NA358 / NA398 / NA498

    • High efficiency
    • High pressure ration capability
    • Latest bearing technology
    • Gas path components
  • NT Series

    NT Series

    NT1-10A / NT1-12A / NT1-14A

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    • Extra pressure ratio at up to 6.0:1
    • Reduced Emissions
    • Fuel flexibility – MD, HFO, LPG, LNG Bio diesel, natural gas.
    • State of the art water-wash technology
    • Semi-floating bearing design for reliability and reduced wear
    • Proven burst containment
    • High efficiency
    • High pressure ration capability
    • Latest bearing technology
    • Gas path components

  • Napier Core Components

    • Napier Rotor Assembly
    • Napier Impeller
    • Napier Shaft/Blisc Assembly Napier Cartridge
    • Napier Nozzle Ring
    • Napier Diffuser
    • Napier Shroud Ring
    • Napier Diffuser
    • Napier Turbine Inlet & Outlet Casings
    • + all routine maintenance spare parts
  • Napier Reconditioning

    • Turbine blades
    • Turbine wheels
    • Impellers and
    • Inducers Shaft ends
    • Shaft Journals
    • Nozzle rings

Napier Spare Parts & Factory-Authorized Services

  • Napier Spare Parts

    • Dedicated Napier Team of Specialists
    • Close Partnership with Napier
    • Full access to the OEM supply chain
    • Extensive Napier spare parts inventory
    • Competitive pricing and minimal turn around times
  • Napier Spare Parts

    Napier Spare Parts

    Find out more about our extensive spare parts inventory.


  • Factory-approved Napier Service

    • Short turn around times for emergency service
    • Factory-trained and experienced technicians
    • Installation of complete units
    • Retrofits and upgrades of existing equipment
  • Napier Service

    Napier Service

    Find out more about our engine and auxiliary services.