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Hatlapa Compressors

MSHS presents Hatlapa's highly advanced technology

When it comes down to the vital functions of your engines and power generating equipment, MSHS recommends using market-leading, high-quality equipment to avoid unexpected equipment issues. One such equipment range isHatlapa compressors made in Germany.

For over 90 years, Hatlapa has been the leader compressors for the marine and offshore industry. Hatlapa's dedication to superior quality has culminated in the most advanced air-starting, service or control compressors. Hatlapa tests each product before it's shipped from the factory and as a special feature for more flexibility, Hatlapa's modular deck machinery offers combined anchor and mooring winches.

MSHS is proud to represent Hatlapa in the Americas and the Caribbean, offering complete units as well as spare parts and service for your existing Hatlapa compressors.

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Product Range

Hatlapa compressors

Hatlapa compressors for starting, service & control air

  • Approved by all classification societies
  • Computer simulated and full-scale laboratory tested
  • Compact, efficient design
  • Air-cooled compressor: L-Series

    Air-cooled compressor: L-Series
    • Air-cooled two and three stage compressors
    • Compact design with two or four cylinders
    • Cooled by radial fan directly driven by the crankshaft
    • Final pressure up to 40 bar
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  • Water-cooled compressor: W-Series

    Water-cooled compressor: W-Series
    • Water-cooled two stage compressors, two cylinders
    • State of the art concentric valves with combined suction
    • Final pressure up to 30 bar
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  • Water-cooled compressor: V-Series

    Water-cooled compressor: V-Series
    • Reciprocating piston type compressors
    • Construction with two cylinders
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MSHS is your reliable Hatlapa distributor in the Americas and the Caribbean

    • Sale and service of complete units
    • Retrofits and upgrades
    • 24/7 spare parts availability
    • Factory-trained and experienced technicians
  • Hatlapa Spare Parts

    • Dedicated Hatlapa Team of Specialists
    • Close Partnership with Hatlapa with full access to the OEM supply chain
    • Extensive Hatlapa spare parts inventory
    • Competitive pricing and minimal turnaround times
  • Hatlapa Spare Parts

    Hatlapa Spare Parts

    Find out more about our extensive spare parts inventory.


  • Factory-approved Hatlapa Service

    • Short turnaround times for emergency service in the Americas
    • Factory-trained and experienced technicians
    • Installation of complete units
    • Retrofits and upgrades of existing equipment
  • Hatlapa Service

    Hatlapa Service

    Find out more about our engine and auxiliary services.


  • Factory-approved Hatlapa Training

    • Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc. offers hands-on training on site
    • Book a training session for your staff and be prepared for any emergency
    • Our factory-trained MSHS engineers will train your staff on maintaining and troubleshooting your equipment right on your premises
  • Hatlapa Service

    Hatlapa Training

    Find out more about factory-authorized Hatlapa Training.