FPT Repowered – 53’ Jet-Drive Aluminum Catamaran

The Peter Gladding FPT Repowered 53’ Jet-Drive Aluminum Catamaran

In the heart of Gulf Coast waters, Global Marine Solutions (GMS) of Pensacola discovered a challenge within one of their fleet’s vessels, the Peter Gladding. This 53’ jet-drive aluminum catamaran, once part of The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) fleet, underwent a significant transformation to better serve the needs of Gulf-based clients. The key? An engine upgrade that revolutionized its performance and efficiency, courtesy of Middleton Marine and the introduction of FPT’s C16 1000 engines.

Originally tailored for long-range law enforcement operations, Peter Gladding’s MTU 8V92 engines had weathered countless hours at sea. GMS sought a solution to amplify speed, shed weight, and optimize fuel efficiency while carving out more space in the engine room. Enter the FPT C16 1000 engines – compact, lighter, and promising better fuel economy and enhanced performance.

Middleton Marine, stationed in Orange Beach, AL, spearheaded the transformation. Ralph Hollowell’s team expertly executed the removal of the aged MTUs and seamlessly integrated the new C16 1000 engines and accessories. GMS opted to retain the existing Hamilton Jet propulsion jets and control systems, streamlining the transition to the new engines.

During a significant sea trial in Pensacola, FL in April 2023, the Peter Gladding showcased its enhanced capabilities. Surpassing expectations, it reached a peak speed of 37 knots while exhibiting exceptional maneuverability and control. Despite the increased speed, the fuel consumption remained notably efficient at 48 gallons per hour per engine at peak performance.

The success of this upgrade not only revitalized the Peter Gladding but also underlined the collaborative efforts of GMS, Middleton Marine, and the innovative technology of FPT engines. This repower stands as a testament to their commitment to improving maritime operations with practical, impactful solutions.

Peter Gladding’s transformation isn’t just about speed; it’s a testament to the continuous evolution and adaptation within the maritime industry. As GMS continues its dedication to serving Gulf-based clients, the vessel now stands as an example of enhanced performance and efficiency, a reflection of its commitment to progress. See the video testimony for yourself…

For those seeking to optimize their fleet’s capabilities, the story of the Peter Gladding stands as a testament to the possibilities offered by FPT engines. Email us at EngineSalesTeam@mshs.com today to explore how these innovations can elevate your maritime operations.