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Filtration & Separation

Filtration Separation


GEA Westfalia manufactures dynamic filtration and separation products including separators, clarifiers, decanters and membrane filtration systems.

These products are used for the purification of suspensions, separation of fluid mixtures with simultaneous removal of solids, extraction of material constituents, and concentration or removal of liquids from solids.


BOLLFILTERs and HENGST filters protect your high-quality investments from premature wear, by reliably filtering dirty fluids and feeding the cleaned fluid back into the process. Filtration helps secure the operating reliability of equipment on a continuous, long term basis; saving resources, sparing the environment and reducing costs.

MSHS is an authorized distributor, service facility, and training center for BOLLFILTER Protection Systems and HENGST Filter. Our factory-trained service engineers install new systems and provide service to existing units. MSHS manages an extensive inventory of original BOLLFILTER and HENGST spare parts that can be shipped worldwide within 24 hours.

Authorized by GEA Westfalia, BOLLFILTER and HENGST, Motor Services Hugo Stamp, Inc. is a distributor and services center.

Authorized spares parts and complete engine auxiliary network

  • Boll
  • GEA
  • Hengst Filter
  • GEA Westfalia Separator systems service:

    • Fuel oil treatment
    • Fuel oil conditioning systems
    • Lube oil treatment
    • Sludge treatment
    • Bilge water treatment
    • Water desalination system
    • Hydraulic oil treatment plants
    • Ballast water treatment
  • BOLLFILTER and HENGST advantages:

    • Quick & easy cleaning & maintenance
    • Highly accurate filtration degree by means of precision filter meshes
    • Large filter services
    • Long life span
    • Robust & compact design
    • Simple handling

MSHS Genuinie OEM Spare Parts:



    Protects your valves, pumps, and bearings from pollution.




    Comprehensive line of products for many different areas of application.


  • GEA


    Dynamic separation products and high quality heat exchangers.


Manufacturer standard warranties and extended parts coverage

In addition to providing top-quality products‚ our warranty packages will give you the peace of mind that your investment is protected. Contact us to find out more about our warranty packages.

  • 24/7 Global service

    24/7 Global service

    Quick and professional response minimizes downtime.


  • Filters and Separators

    Filters and Separators

    Extensive spare parts stock and rapid processing of orders.