Throttles & F-Series ITB

The Woodward engine throttle family consists of a group of throttle valves able to operate in a variety of gaseous media. The throttles are designed to operate in boosted environments with valve sizes from 16 mm up to 180 mm. The valves are designed to manage gaseous flow in temperatures ranging from ambient to 270 ?C. Throttle valves are integrated with smart actuators, resulting in high-speed operation systems.

APECS® Power Flow

The Woodward APECS® Power Flow integrated valve actuator is designed for throttling the intake of internal combustion engines. The APECS Power Flow system is designed to couple to standard market-available fuel mixer series and to standard SAE flanged intake manifolds. This integrated throttle body is adaptable to a fuel injected engine for air control.

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Flo-Tech™ ITB

The Woodward Flo-Tech™ ITB integrated throttle body is designed for direct replacement of conventional throttle body with actuator and linkage. The throttle body will provide equivalent maximum flow rates of standard butterfly throttle bodies of the same diameter. The system contains a return spring to fully comply with DOT 571.124 specifications. The Flo-Tech integrated actuator/throttle body requires no actuator or linkage.

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F-Series ITB Integrated Actuator and Throttle Body

The Woodward F Series Integrated Throttle Bodies (ITB) are butterfly valves electrically actuated by an Woodward F-Series actuator to control flow output. Flow is a function of inlet and outlet pressure, throttle size, and throttle position. Throttle position is proportional to the position demand. The actuator drives the 0-70 degree output shaft to the demanded position based on an internal shaft position sensor. Designed to throttle air or air/fuel mixtures for gaseous engines in industrial and on-highway service. Direct replacement of traditional throttle valves, and requires no linkage between valve and actuator.

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LC-50 Integrated Throttle Body (ITB)

The LC-50 ITB is designed for use on gaseous fueled industrial engines between 5 and 100 kW (7 and 134 hp). The throttle and venturi sizes are between 24 and 50 mm. It has 0.34 N-m (0.25 lb-ft) of output torque with internal position feedback for fast, accurate control in small- to medium-sized engine applications. The throttle body incorporates the proven Woodward L-Series speed control, which operates the throttle plate. The LC-50 can be programmed via the RS-232 port of a PC/laptop to a variety of configurations.

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The Woodward ProAct™ITB integrated throttle bodies are butterfly valves electrically-actuated by ProAct Analog and ProAct Digital Plus actuators to control flow output. With bore sizes of 105 mm, 120 mm, and 135 mm, these ProAct ITBs are designed for use with engines in the 1?2 MW range. The ProAct actuators are electro-magnetic, 75 degree-of-travel devices, and therefore alleviate the problems associated with linkages on gas engines, such as setup, non-linearity, and wear.

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