Gas Engine Controls

Woodward’s control are found on stationary engines, buses, and mobile and industrial engines. Our vast experience allows MSHS to engineer a solution that optimizes engine emissions and efficiency through precise control of airflow, fuel flow, combustion processes, exhaust flow, and after-treatment with an integrated systems approach.

2301A Full Authority Speed Control

The Woodward 2301A Full Authority Speed Control sets the speed or load of a diesel engine, gas engine, steam turbine, or gas turbine according to the demand of a process or a computer control signal of 4?20 mA or 1?5 Vdc. The unit provides isochronous operation, with droop control available through an externally-wired potentiometer. The isochronous mode is used for constant speed of the controlled prime mover as long as it is able to provide power to satisfy the load. Droop control is provided when parallel-bus operation is required.

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2301A Load Sharing and Speed Controls

The Woodward 2301A Load Sharing and Speed Controls are designed for use in electric generator systems where multi-unit load sharing is desired. 2301A controls may be used with diesel, gas or gasoline engines, or steam or gas turbines. Controls are available for applications requiring droop and/or isochronous speed control; in forward- or reverse-acting models; for single or tandem actuator installations; with accelerating or decelerating ramps; and in several speed ranges. Automatic, adjustable start fuel limiting regulates the maximum fuel setting while the engine is starting.

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2301E Digital Load Sharing and Speed Control

Woodward?s 2301E provides load sharing and speed control of generators being driven by diesel or gaseous engines. Using an external computer (PC) and built-in configuration software, application variations may be programmed to accommodate engine speed range, gear teeth, and select forward or reverse acting The 2301E controller is backward compatible with existing 2301D products using the same footprint and mounting configuration with enhanced features.

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723 Plus Digital Control

The Woodward 723 Plus Digital Control manages and controls reciprocating engines (gas, diesel, or dual fuel) used in power generation, marine propulsion, and gas compression/distribution. The control may also be used in cogeneration, power transmission/distribution, process management, pipeline pump stations, utility power generation, emergency standby power, and remote control station operation. The 723 Plus provides state-of-the-art control for new and retrofit situations.

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723PLUS Compressor Performance Control

The Woodward 723PLUS Compressor Performance Control controls the speed, air/fuel ratio, and ignition timing of reciprocating engines in variable speed/load applications. The control includes inputs for two speed sensors for monitoring engine and turbocharger speed, a notch filter to attenuate the effect of flexible coupling torsionals, a remote speed setting input, and inputs for air manifold pressure, fuel gas header pressure, and air manifold temperature.

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733 Digital Control

The Woodward 733 Digital Control manages and controls reciprocating engines (gas, diesel, dual fuel) used in power generation, marine propulsion, locomotive and industrial engine, and process markets. It has been designed to enable to be mounted directly on the engine or inside control cabinets. The 733 is available as a stand-alone speed control and is the main control unit within an engine management system. Designed for network connectivity, it may be programmed to perform all engine functions: speed, air and fuel control, monitoring, alarms, engine protection and sequencing.

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E3 Gas Engine Controls

Available in three (3) configurations, Woodward E3 gas engine controls are capable of controlling all types of gas engines. The Woodward E3 systems accurately control the air-fuel ratio to achieve and maintain high engine efficiency and low emission levels.

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E3 Rich-Burn Trim System

The Woodward E3 Rich-Burn Trim control system is designed for the most popular engines used in gas compression and many power generation or irrigation pump applications. The system analyzes and controls all of the functions of an engine and catalyst, optimizing the amount of time the engine is in compliance.

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E3 Lean-Burn Trim System

The Woodward E3 Lean-Burn Trim control system is designed to control lean-burn industrial gas engines used in many power generation, pumping, and other stationary applications ranging from 300 kW to 2,000 kW (400-2,700hp). The highly accurate, closed-loop control system helps customers meet regulated emissions levels, while maintaining engine performance over a very large range of fuel qualities.

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E3 Full Authority System

The Woodward E3 Full Authority System is a fully integrated engine control solution with full authority over spark, fuel and air. Additionally, diagnostics such as detonation and misfire, as well as other health monitoring, are integrated into the system. This fully integrated approach permits precise governing and air-fuel ratio control while remaining flexible enough for large variations in fuel quality.

The system is designed for gas engines used in applications where the energy quality of the fuel supply is variable – such as engines used in landfills, waste-water treatment plants, or bio-gas recovery plants.

FireFly™ Control

The Woodward FireFly™ Control detects the occurrence of knock in gas engines and adjusts the ignition timing to compensate. This provides protection from the harmful effects of knock and thereby increases efficiency. The FireFly uses knock sensors placed on the engine block. These sensors pick up vibration signals and the FireFly detects the specific vibrations associated with determining the knock condition. The FireFly ensures that only knock related vibration signals are acted upon, ignoring all usual vibration signals produced by a gas engine.

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Gas Engine I/O-Node (GEION)

The Woodward Gas Engine I/O-Node (GEION) in combination with 723 DCS can be used for lean-burn gas engines running in both “closed or open loop” air fuel ratio control and for stoichiometric gas engines, naturally aspirated or turbocharged, in the power range of 20 to 2000 kW. In case of a V-engine, air fuel ratio control per bank is possible using two gas engine I/O-nodes and a 723 DCS, one for each bank. The gas engine I/O-node is specially designed to do the air fuel ratio control on carbureted turbocharged or non-turbocharged gas engines.

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In-Pulse™ System

The Woodward In-PulseTM system has been developed to control a range of Woodward electrical low pressure gas admission valves and electric-hydraulic high-pressure rail valves. These valves provide a means of injecting fuel or other fluids into engines operating within a speed range of 1 to 2100 rpm depending on the valve being driven. Plate type solenoid operated gas admission valves (SOGAVs) are suitable for in-manifold injection only, whereas the rail valve provides actuation of both in-cylinder and in-manifold type injection devices.

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In-Pulse™ II Fuel Injection Control

The Woodward In-Pulse™ II Fuel Injection Control manages and controls electronically fuel injected (EFI) reciprocating engines (gas, diesel, or dual fuel) used in power generation, marine propulsion, industrial engine, and process markets. It also managesthe core fuel system and injection events for many EFI fuel systems, including electronic unit injectors and pumps (EUI/EUP), common rail systems (C-R), SOGAV™ Solenoid Operated Gas Admission Valves, micro pilot injection systems, and electronic rail valves (ERV). The In-Pulse II can mount directly on the engine nearby control cabinets.

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