Air Fuel Ratio Controls for Gas Engines

Woodward Air-Fuel Ratio Control solutions combine electronic control systems with valve, actuation, and gas mass flow metering technology into a highly-integrated solution for industrial gas engines. The control solutions are used on many modern gas engine applications in the gas compression and power generation market. Small- to medium-sized gas engines use single-point, mixture charged gas admission technology. Large gas engines depend on port inlet gas admission valves. Woodward supports both gas admission technologies with reliable, state-of-the-art products.

E3 Gas Engine Controls

Available in three (3) configurations, Woodward E3 gas engine controls are capable of controlling all types of gas engines. The Woodward E3 systems accurately control the air-fuel ratio to achieve and maintain high engine efficiency and low emission levels.

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E3 Rich-Burn Trim System

The Woodward E3 Rich-Burn Trim control system is designed for the most popular engines used in gas compression and many power generation or irrigation pump applications. The system analyzes and controls all of the functions of an engine and catalyst, optimizing the amount of time the engine is in compliance.

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E3 Lean-Burn Trim System

The Woodward E3 Lean-Burn Trim control system is designed to control lean-burn industrial gas engines used in many power generation, pumping, and other stationary applications ranging from 300 kW to 2,000 kW (400-2,700hp). The highly accurate, closed-loop control system helps customers meet regulated emissions levels, while maintaining engine performance over a very large range of fuel qualities.

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E3 Full Authority System

The Woodward E3 Full Authority System is a fully integrated engine control solution with full authority over spark, fuel and air. Additionally, diagnostics such as detonation and misfire, as well as other health monitoring, are integrated into the system. This fully integrated approach permits precise governing and air-fuel ratio control while remaining flexible enough for large variations in fuel quality.

The system is designed for gas engines used in applications where the energy quality of the fuel supply is variable – such as engines used in landfills, waste-water treatment plants, or bio-gas recovery plants.

GECO TM Stoichiometric Model 100 (GECO S100)

The Woodward GECOTM  Stoichiometric Model 100 (GECO S100) was designed as an inexpensive, state-of-the-art air/fuel ratio control for natural gas engines in the aftermarket. The GECO S100 is an easy-to-install, low maintenance, and expandable solution for natural gas engines. Woodward is the only manufacturer offering a system for the stationary engine market combining air/fuel ratio with adaptive catalyst control and oxygen sensor health monitoring. The GECO S100’s wide range of control authority quickly manages engine speed and load variations. The GECO S100 Lean Burn configuration is also available to further enhance emissions control.

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L-Series Air/Fluel Ratio Conrol

The Woodward L-Series Air/Fuel Ratio Control provides precise air/fuel ratio control for engines using three-way catalytic converters to reduce exhaust emissions. [A catalyst that eliminates hydrocarbons (HC), carbon monoxide (CO), and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) is referred to as a “3-way” catalyst.] The L-Series is a microprocessor-based air/fuel ratio control for four-stroke, gaseous-fueled engines operating with a near-stoichiometric air/fuel ratio. It is designed to work in conjunction with a 3-way catalytic converter to efficiently reduce exhaust emissions. Also available in a Lean Burn configuration.

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