Dynalco Tachometers

All Dynalco tachometers and general purpose meters are digital, weather and vibration resistant. Signal-powered solid-state tachometers are intrinsically safe, field-configurable, and designed to perform in rugged, high shock environments.Designed for steam turbines, turbochargers, and other high speed applications.Available for panel or bracket mount installations.


The Dynalco SPD-100 is a solid-state, intrinsically safe tachometer. The gate time range (0.26 to 5.70 seconds)is field- programmable. It is well- sealed for rugged indoor and outdoor applications. It has 4-digit, unlighted, LCD display. CSA and ABS Type approved.

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TheMTH103E Tachometer / Hourmeter / Overspeed replaces the MTH-103D. Ideal for any application requiring accurate measurement of engine or turbine speed with over / underspeed shutdown in remote locations and hazardous areas. The display provides 5 active digits for high speed turbine applications No DC supply is required, just a pickup sensing the flywheel teeth.

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The Dynalco SPD-700 is a digital tachometer and rate meter with a field-programmable gate time range (0.26 to 5.70 seconds). It displays speed or rate information (RPM, GPM, IPS, etc). Intrinsically safe when used with Dynalco’s magnetic pickups or pulsers. No AC or DC power is required.


The Dynalco LST-100 is specially designed to display very low speeds. It features a field- selectable pulse rate multiplier that increases signal pulse rate by a factor of 10 or 100. It is a solid- state instrument that is well sealed for rugged indoor and outdoor applications. It has a large, unlit, 4-digit display. Gate time range: 0.26 to 5.70 seconds.

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The Dynalco DST-2000C direction sensing tachometer measures and monitors direction of rotation, speed, rate, flow, etc. Capable of driving tachometers and up/down counters to provide rate information as well as total net flow, length, distance, etc. Can drive up to 5 SPD-300 (direction sensing displays) in parallel. Input power: 115 Vac and/or 12 or 24 Vdc.

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SPH 100

Signal-Powered Digital Peak Speed with Memory Tachometer, the SPH100 is designed for steam turbines, turbochargers, and other high speed applications.

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