UG40-DI Upgrade: UG40MAS PLUS

UG40DMAS PLUS Conversion Kit replaces the obsolete UG40-DI

Struggling with an obsolete UG40 governor? MSHS offers a UG40MAS Plus Conversion Kit to retrofit your old Woodward UG40-DI (UG-40 Governor with Digital Interface). Keep your existing hardware, no linkage changes or significant programming is required. The UG40MAS Plus unit is not obsolete and will have spare parts available in the future.

The UG40MAS Plus Upgrade has all the features of the traditional UG-40 governor, PLUS a digital interface for remote speed setting, start fuel limiting, and shutdown. This modification of the UD40-DI governor maintains the proven mechanical-hydraulic reliability of the UG-40D and the electronic reliability of the Woodward MAS driver box. The E-box functionality and fuel limiter assembly are replaced by a modified UG-40 governor and a small cabinet and the start fuel limiter assembly located in the UG40-DI governor is replaced with an on/off adjustable solenoid that provides the start limiter functionality.

Quick, easy modification carried out onboard.

UG40MAS PLUS Functionality

  • Adjustable start fuel limiter
  • Alarm contact to limit speed setting
  • Adjustable ramp rates for speed setting

UG40MAS PLUS Advantages

  • Keep existing UG-40D governor
  • Basic functionality same as proven UG40D governor
  • No linkage adjustments
  • No 2-2 alarm
  • The existing fuel rack sensor remains in place
  • Form and fit are identical to the existing UG40
  • Full Warranty

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