Louisiana’s Fletcher Trade School Students To Get Hands-On Experience Thanks To Motor Services Hugo Stamp (MSHS), Baudouin Marine Diesel Engine Donation

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – (March 22, 2021) – Students in the Marine Diesel Engine Technician Program at Louisiana’s Fletcher Technical Community College will get an opportunity to obtain hands-on experience thanks to four diesel engines being donated to the school by Baudouin, a relative newcomer to the United States engine market through Motor Services Hugo Stamp (MSHS Group), its master distributor.

The four 6M26.3 Baudouin engines donated to the school will enable Fletcher students to gain needed skills by working on the same service-friendly engines currently in use by four nearby Louisiana shipyards engaged in building vessels.

“Operations of this size incorporate a sizable workforce of highly skilled and paid trade jobs,” MSHS Group Territory Manager Dual Yelverton said.  “The value to students of being able to work on these engines is much more than just nominal.  These engines will enable them to expand their knowledge of innovators in the industry in terms of electronic engine components, hybrid systems and alternative fuels.”

The Baudouin brand is becoming increasingly popular in the United States because of its efficiency and emissions compliance.  MSHS Group and Baudouin regularly work closely with customers, manufacturers, shipyards and naval architects in Louisiana.  To supply the demand for Baudouin products, MSHS Group is expanding its dealer networks in specific regions to provide local companies with entrance into new and repowering applications.

Based in southern France, Baudouin has been an original equipment manufacturer of marine engines for over 100 years.  It offers market-leading power and EPA compliant technologies that address current regulatory demands.

With the goal of expanding its product offerings and building its brand in the U.S. market, Baudouin plans to make its involvement with marine diesel engine trade schools a central component of its community outreach.

“As an engine manufacturer, our investment in STEM projects is a key aspect of our strategy,”Baudouin’s Americas Sales Director Mehdi Kebaili said.  “Baudouin is thrilled to be participating in this exciting initiative to shape the next generation of maritime engineers.’’

Baudouin is currently offering 16L and 32L displacement engines at 450-815hp and 1100-1650hp respectively, as well as onboard generating sets up to 1MW.  In addition to being considered a prime commercial investment, Baudouin engines are designed for quick diagnostics and minimal overhaul time.

Baudouin engines incorporate crank case access ports for in-place overhauls, standard double-wall injection lines, individual cylinder heads, a modern common rail fuel injection system, mechanical back-up engine gauges to cross reference the electronic information displayed, and the most compact and cost-effective SCR system to meet IMO 3 / EPA 4 requirements.

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