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Case Studies & News

  • MSHS Turbocharger Retrofit of the USNS Mercy Hospital Ship

    MSHS was contracted to retrofit the twin MAN NR26/98 turbochargers on three separate MAN 12ASV25/30 auxiliary diesel generator (ADG) engines aboard the USNS MERCY hospital ship with MAN TCR18-42145 turbochargers. This successful project is projected to drive fuel savings, bring down peak operating temperatures and improve the overall efficiency, and provide reliable service for many years to come.


    MSHS Enhanced Operational Safety for your Engines with Splash-Oil Monitoring SystemServices

    Case StudyFor the operator of a modern Diesel Engine Power Plant, safety, reliability and availability of the engines as well as the protection of their investment are of utmost importance. This is even more valid for isolated island distribution grids with limited redundancy.


    MSHS Supervises Crankshaft RemovalServices

    Case StudyDemanding due to the critical nature of the crankshaft and the engine, MSHS expertise was requested to supervise crankshaft replacement of a Wärtsilä 18V46GD at a power station in Brazil.


    MSHS Provides Cruise Line Support During Prime Mover MaintenanceServices

    Case StudyWith an ongoing partnership with a leading cruise line, MSHS was commissioned to recondition complete sets of cylinder heads for the prime movers, from two 1,115 foot cruise vessels for their scheduled 18K hour maintenance.


    BollFilter Installs River Water Filtration for Protection of Turbine Cooling SystemBollFilter Products

    BillFilter Automatic Type 6.18.2 HD DN 350Hydro-electric power station installs BollFilter automatic river water filtration for protection of the turbine cooling system at storage power station.


    BollFilter Automatic Filtration Upgrades Aid ComplianceBollFilter Products

    BillFilter Automatic Type 6.18 Network of wastewater treatement sites upgrades to Boll & Kirch automatic system to deal with potential compliance problems.

    BollFilter was able to provide a suitable system without delay, and daily manual cleaning is no longer required.


    Repower of 1980's Life BoatMSHS High Speed Service Division

    Repower Life Boat

    Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc. (MSHS) was commissioned by the customer to replace the existing propulsion engine on-board a 50-passenger open life boat.

    The repower was performed to ensure the safety of the crew during mandatory monthly testing of the engine as well as during an actual emergency. The installation was completed at the MSHS facility in Fort Lauderdale, FL by the High Speed Service Division.


    On-Site Machining - Damaged Crankpin journal on a MAK 6L32C engineOn-Site Machining Division

    On-Site Machining

    Following a critical big end bearing failure while operating in the waters of Colombia, Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc. (MSHS) was commissioned by the customer to conduct on-site repairs and bring the vessel back into full operation in the shortest amount of time. MSHS technicians equipped with in-situ tools to perform on-site machining services were dispatched in under 24 hours.

    MSHS in partnership with Metalock Engineering Germany GmbH offers On-Site Machining Services to critical breakdown situations or when the equipment cannot be shipped to a workshop due to size, weight or location restrictions.


    Extensive Service Project on M/Y StarfireMSHS Yacht Service Division


    Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc. (MSHS) recently completed an extensive service project on the M/Y Starfire. Over the course of the three month project, MSHS performed mechanical, electrical, alignment and machining services, demonstrating MSHS’ “One-Stop-Shop” marine capabilities.

    Captain Carl Sputh commented: "Without MSHS our schedule would not have been met and our Summer season lost.“


    MSHS Opens New Turbocharger Service Facility in Grand Bahama Freeport Bahamas

    Turbocharger Service Facility in Grand Bahama

    MSHS Opens New Turbocharger Service Facility in Grand Bahama Freeport, Grand Bahama - Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc. (MSHS) is proud to announce the launch of its OEM Authorized turbocharger maintenance and service facility in the Grand Bahama Shipyard Limited, Freeport, Grand Bahama.The MSHS Facility is designed to offer complete turn-key services for the turbochargers on board vessels docking at Grand Bahama Shipyard (GBSL) for either scheduled dry dock or emergency service. Located within the GBSL Dockside Service Facility, turbocharger services can be scheduled with GBSL as part of a larger project or with MSHS directly.


  • MSHS Joins USSA, Bringing "One-Stop-Shop" service to the Super Yacht Market Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    'One-Stop-Shop' service to the Super Yacht Market

    Fort Lauderdale, Florida - Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc. (MSHS) is proud to announce its membership in the US Super Yacht Association (USSA). MSHS, a longtime service partner for engine service and overhaul has joined USSA to present its technical capabilities to the Super Yacht market. MSHS brings the "one-stop-shop" approach to marine power and propulsion needs, offering factory trained technicians, OEM parts and design services for automation and vessel repower. Providing complete turn-key services to Super Yachts globally, MSHS offers 24/7 support through its network of service facilities in Norfolk, VA, New Orleans, LA, Seattle, WA and Grand Bahama, Bahamas. The MSHS Group encompasses over 200 team members, combining engineering, technical and market expertise, tailored to marine and land-based power applications. Read more.