A year of firsts – Team MSHS at the 2023 Sufferfest Bike Ride

Team MSHS at the 2023 Sufferfest Bike Ride

February 17-18th, MSHS participated for the first time in the 2023 Sufferfest Bike Ride benefitting the Seafarers House of Port Everglades. This year was a record in terms of riders, with 16 of them clocking 160 miles over 2 days from Miami to Key West and earning over $7,000 in donations.

MSHS team had 4 riders, one was the first woman rider in Sufferfest, who quickly was recognized as one of the overall 16 fastest. MSHS also had an additional team of bike enthusiasts giving the riders support, safety, hydration, and snacks.

The riders faced challenges in dealing with on-road repairs and falls, but the team powered through celebrating their completion at the Southern Most Point to cheers and photos from the awaiting crowd.

During the ride, participants had an opportunity to help each other while building new and stronger relationships among peers from several top Maritime companies that came together for a good cause and a great physical challenge.

Congratulations to all the riders especially the dedicated team from MSHS!


To learn how to donate or participate in the next Sufferfest Bike Ride, contact: events@seafarershouse.org