Everett Washington
FPT Powers New Salmon Gillnetter for Bristol Bay - PipeDream
In the heart of Alaska’s rugged Bristol Bay, where salmon runs draw fishermen from across the globe, a new vessel emerges, poised to make waves in the fishing industry. Meet the “PipeDream”, a 32’ x 15’ twin jet boat purpose-built for the demanding waters of Bristol Bay, equipped with cutting-edge FPT engines courtesy of Marine...
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MSHS and FPT at 2023 Pacific Marine Expo - PME
MSHS and the red FPT High-speed engine trailer are arriving at this year’s Pacific Marine Expo in booth no.1239 to showcase 3 best-in-class diesel marine engines the NEF 67 ESN, and the newly rated Cursor 9 650 EVO and 605 EVO. Also besides having a chance to talk about engines with MSHS and FPT experts,...
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MSHS spa for engines - engineer servicing vessel engine
Curious about the engines that power Alaska’s big trawlers and how they get repaired after thousands of hours of service? Then you won’t want to miss this magazine article from National Fisherman on MSHS, and the “spa for engines” in Everett, Washington. MSHS specializes in rebuilding large-bore, medium-speed European engines, primarily from Bergen, MAK, and...
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