Marine Automation and Integrated Ship Solutions

Servowatch is a world leading supplier of advanced and innovative integrated ship control systems including alarm and monitoring, automation, platform management, navigation, communication and multimedia packages, into both new build and retro-fit markets.

Supporting an extensive customer profile which includes Luxury Yachts, Commercial Ships, Naval Platforms and Special Purpose Craft; Servowatch is unrivaled in its flexibility and capability to deliver solutions for the simple, or for the most demanding of projects.


The Servowatch product portfolio comprises a diverse range of systems for ships.

AMCS – Alarm, Monitoring & Control System

Designed to allow for scalability, flexibility and simplified upgrade opportunities, the AMCS can be fitted to any type or size of vessel. It can be used as a stand alone AMCS or integrated into our IPMS package.

Functions and Features:

  • Multipoint Serial Communications Gateway
  • Remote Terminal Units
  • Graphical Operator Workstations
  • Local Operator Panel / Group Alarm Panel
  • Cabin Call System (Extension Alarm System)
  • Data Logging and Trending Analysis

IPMS – Integrated Platform Management System

The IPMS provides integrated monitoring and control of ship propulsion, electrical and auxiliary plant management systems. Integrating these capabilities at the platform level can optimise operational effectiveness and contribute to crewing reductions.

Functions and Features:

  • Multi-level Redundant Networking
  • Remote Terminal Units
  • Integrated Propulsion Control System
  • Integrated Power Management System
  • Integrated On Board Training System
  • Condition Based Monitoring System
  • Battle Damage Control System

IVMS – Integrated Vessel Management System

Designed specifically for special purpose craft, where redundant functions and inter-operability are critical for bespoke missions, for example, Border Police, Customs, Fisheries Protection, Search and Rescue, and Special Forces Rapid Insertion Craft.

Functions and Features:

  • Machinery Management
  • Navigation and Communication
  • Mission Recording Functions

INBS – Integrated Navigational Bridge System

Our INBS is designed to collect, process, and present navigational and other relevant data in a manageable format. It is capable of integrating all bridge equipment with our Alarm, Monitoring and Control System.

Functions and Features:

  • Radar System
  • Critical Conning Display
  • Alarm Management
  • Dynamic Positioning
  • Signalling and Navigation
  • GMDSS and CCTV

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