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PREMET® - Engine Performance Monitoring

Optimizing Performance & Reducing Emissions

The market-leading PREMET® system enables measurement of the power produced inside the cylinder. PREMET® electronic indicators are designed and manufactured for diesel and gas applications in the marine market and mobile / stationary power stations. These systems are designed for use with heavy fuel oil.

  • • High resolution color display
  • • All curves and diagrams displayed immediately
  • • Large memory for thousands of measurements
  • • Self-explanatory user interface

Real-time measurements are possible without stopping the engine to install sensors.

The PREMET® C measuring systems are extremely robust and simple handheld instruments. The units display the course of pressure directly after a measurement has been taken and can store hundreds of measurements along with related engine data. The PREMET® product range includes online systems that enable 24/7 cylinder pressure monitoring.

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PREMET® Spare Parts

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    PREMET® Spare Parts

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Factory-Approved PREMET® Service

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