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On-site Crankshaft Repairs

  • With proven methods and on-site machining tools, MSHS On-Site Services ensure the highest quality of in-situ repairs possible

Mobile Machining for Crankshafts and more

An engine failure on a vessel or stationary power plant can cause extremely high costs and tremendous downtime. Our on-site and in-situ machining services eliminate costs and save time as disassemble, removal and transport of the damaged parts are not required. Maintenance and in-situ mechanical machining is performed on site by our competent expert personnel to help you minimize your downtime, reducing your costs dramatically.

Advantages of using MSHS On-site Services

  • Over 60 years of experience in on-site machining

  • Highly advanced tools utilized for onsite crankshaft repairs

  • Customized tools adapting to all engine makes and models

  • Minimizing engine downtime using mobile machining tools

  • 24/7 international emergency crankshaft repairs

  • Crankshaft damage assessment within 24 hours

  • On-site heat treatment to eliminate extreme hard areas caused by bearing failures on crankshaft journals

  • Cost saving since engine disassemble and crankshaft replacement not required

Mobile Industrial and Marine On-Site Machining

MSHS On-site Services is known all over the world for on-site mechanical machining and for in-situ motor overhaul. MSHS is a highly recognized expert for the reconditioning of diesel engine components such as crankshafts, liner landing and sealing surfaces and main bearing pocket line boring.

On-site Crankshaft Repairs

When the journal surface is damaged by a bearing failure, the crankshaft is usually removed and machined on a stationary crankshaft grinding lathe causing dismantling and transport costs as well as asset downtime. With our on-site machining tool we offer on-site crankshaft journal repair, repairing the journal on-site, without disassembling the engine and the need to transport the crankshaft to ashore workshop facility.

Our on-site machining tool uses the fillet radii of the crankpin as a reference for adjusting the on-site repair machine. In case these fillet radii are damaged or not centered to the central axis, MSHS has developed a special machining method and the necessary devices to enable the processing of crankpins and main bearing journals to restore them in accordance with the manufacturer tolerances.

With this method, the fillet radii are first machined, then the damaged journal. It is necessary that the mobile device is as precisely as possible adjusted to the base line of the crankshaft using specialized electronic measuring instruments. This method can even be performed at sea, on-site your vessel.

Mobile Machining

Since we have a large number of special transportable mobile machining tools and or appropriate machines at our disposal, we are able to implement all types of mechanical machining in the field or on-site. The advantages of mobile machining include minimal disassembly and transport costs of large and heavy parts. On-site machining reduces down time and saves you time and money.

Completing repairs on marine diesel engines, auxiliary generators and other equipment is always time-critical. This being the case, our teams can be on duty 24 hours a day. All techniques, e.g. milling, turning, boring, optical device-guided boring alignment, grinding and honing can be executed on-site with our equipment. Our devices are designed so that they can be used on-site, in the smallest of spaces.

  • Facing Work

    Plane surfaces that are no longer flat and therefore cause leakages, e.g. at flanges or damages at live rings, are mechanically machined on-site with mobile turning devices. The requirements for the tolerances are restored in the process.

  • Boring Work

    Bearing channels, bores, turbine housing, threads etc. are mechanically processed on location with transportable drills and turning devices in order to ensure the required tolerances.

  • Milling Work

    Presses, roll housing, turbine housing, machine foundations etc. that are no longer in accordance with the technical requirements are mechanically processed on-site through mobile milling units. The tolerances demanded are thus restored. Shaft and journal processing journals, crankpins, shafts etc. are turned and ground on location with mobile turning devices in order to restore the required tolerances.

  • Grinding Work

    Ball races on rotary kilns, paper or other cylinders etc. that no longer correspond to the geometrical prerequisites are turned and ground with our mobile grinding devices so that they again meet the requirements.

  • Sawing Work with Mobile Saws and Diamond Band Saws

    The cutting of large cross sections is often very time-intensive. We thus offer various saws for mechanical machining. The positive aspect lies in the fact that large cross sections are split while saving time and without the need for heat input.

  • Surveying Work

    It is often unclear as to whether damage to a machine has resulted from a geometrical fault. We offer a variety of measuring devices that are employed before, during and after processing. Included in these, among others, are lasers and optical devices for measuring center lines and surfaces. An engine failure on a vessel or stationary power plant can cause extremely high costs and tremendous downtime. Our on-site and in-situ machining services eliminate costs and save time as disassemble, removal and transport of the damaged parts are not required. Maintenance and in-situ mechanical machining is performed on site by our competent expert personnel to help you minimize your downtime, reducing your costs dramatically.

Additional Services

  • Metalock Repairs


    The repair of broken, cracked or damaged cast parts is always a great challenge, since cast iron is only weldable to a limited extent. Thanks to the procedure that we apply, we can offer an attractive alternative, which nowadays is the preferred method used in industry and marine shipping.


  • Advantages for you:

    • The procedure is a cold process, e.g. no thermal stress results, so there is no distortion of the components
    • On-site repair in the assembled condition, e.g. no disassembly and no transport costs
    • A highly pressure-tight seal against oils and gases is achieved
    • Downtime is shortened
    • The procedure is generally recognized by all classification societies
    • The purchase of new, more expensive cast parts can be avoided
  • Welding Repairs

    Welding Repairs

    Cracks in various machine parts made of steel and steel casting are generally repaired by caulking, grinding or milling on-site and then welded by preheating. The most widely used welding process for such work is the manual arc welding method. During and after welding, additional heat treatments are generally needed.


  • On-site Heat Treatments

    We perform heat treatments in the widest variety of forms and sizes. An in-situ heat treatment can be implemented in stationary furnaces or directly at the location of the customer with our mobile annealing equipment.

    Documents - Certificates

    • Certified Welder (DIN EN 287-1)
    • Manufacturer's Welding Qualification Class E (DIN 18800-7, DIN 15018, DIN 19704)
    • Order-specific welding procedure qualifications/completions

    Welding Techniques

    E-Hand, MAG, MIG.WIG,

    Submerged Arc Welding - Flame Cutting (Oxyacetylene and Plasma) - Annealing Techniques - Thermal Spraying

  • Machine Overhaul

    Machine Overhaul

    Reconditioning and repairing presses and machine tools made by the widest variety of manufacturers. This includes presses of all tonnages, grinders, milling machines, boring mills, and turning machines of any size. Well-informed, trained experts are available to provide these services for you, either in our workshop or on-site. Support of the mechanics from a large machinery department is always ensured.


  • Summary of our Range of Services

    • Geometrical overhauls
    • Electrical overhauls
    • Major overhauls
    • Exchange of cable harnesses in the equipment
    • Reconditioning of hydraulic control systems
    • Renewal of electrical control system
    • Conversion to CNC control system

    Machine tools are reconditioned according to DIN. This means that the original manufacturer quality is restored. In addition to these measures, a modernization of the control system can be implemented in the case of a major overhaul.

  • Mechanical Manufacturing

    Mechanical Manufacturing

    Our workshop is equipped with the widest variety of cutting machines, which allows for flexible and professionally qualified manufacturing.

    Machines and production equipment are often utilized to their capacity limits. In the event of damage, the problem of having to acquire spare parts can arise. As an alternative solution, we can offer you the rapid manufacture of replacement parts based on samples or sketches.

    Of course, we also offer the remanufacture and repair of components, as well as the realization of manufacturing segments of any kind.



On-Site Video Gallery

For more information, view a selection of videos, which showcases our on-site machining service.

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