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Böning Automation Technology

Böning Control and Monitoring Solutions for the Maritime Industries

Founded in 1977, Böning (Böning Automationstechnologie GmbH & Co.KG) continuously invested in the development and manufacturing of highly precise ship automation. In 1996, Böning expanded their market from commercial shipping to luxury yachts. With units sold worldwide, Böning is a leader in the field of marine automation. Böning products and systems are class approved; the company operates under DIN ISO 9001:2015.

MSHS announces the Launch of Böning’s Latest Bridge Technology Solution;
The Smart Bridge

Böning Products & Systems

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Slenderized Integration of Navigation and Automation

The powerful Böning ship automation system connects to almost any system and sensory device on board.
With the integrated ECDIS software the skipper gets an overall solution at a central point.

Irreplaceable external devices like VHF, autopilot, weather fax or any else can be concealed under the console.
Control of all systems is performed by touch screen or customized operation panels.

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Böning Quality Features:

  • • Automation solutions for commercial and pleasure craft applications
  • • State-of-the-art engine start-stop-technology
  • • Extensive EMV and Environmental lab
  • • Highly advanced alarm, monitoring and display systems
  • • Products and systems are long-term tested via simulation
  • • Approved by leading classification societies (i.e. ABS, BV, GL, Lloyds)

Products & Systems


  • Böning Spare Parts

    • Dedicated team of specialists
    • Close partnership with Böning with full access to the supply chain
    • Extensive Böning spare parts inventory
    • Competitive pricing and minimal turnaround times
  • Böning Products & Systems

    Böning Spare Parts

    Find out more about our extensive spare parts inventory.


  • Factory-approved Böning Service

    • Short turnaround times for emergency service in the Americas and the Caribbean
    • Factory-trained and experienced technicians
    • Installation of complete units
    • Retrofits and upgrades of existing equipment
  • Böning Products & Systems

    Böning Automation Service

    Find out more about our engine and auxiliary services.


  • Böning SaferBoats program supported by MSHS

    • Assessment of existing Bö ning or other third party monitoring equipment
    • Comprehensive report provided
    • Recommendations for reliable, cost-effective solutions
  • Böning Products & Systems

    Böning SaferBoats Program

    Find out how increase safety and reliability on board.


Böning Products & Systems