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High Quality Sewage Treatment Systems

HAMANN AG is proud to announce a new series of IMO certified sewage treatment plants – the HL-CONT Compact 0125. In addition to Hamann’s “PLUS” series, the new “COMPACT” range is designed to optimize the plant itself with budget and space/weight savings in mind. Most importantly, the HL-CONT Compact 0125 has its IMO certification which is key for operating your boat in international waters

Hamann AG is the leading company for maritime sewage treatment systems. They are well known in the marine market for high quality products and have a successful track record of more than 40 years. All  sewage treatment plants are certified according to latest IMO regulation, MEPC. 227(64) and are designed and manufactured at the Hamann facility in Germany. Plants according to MEPC. 159(55), MEPC. 2 and Commission Directive 2012/49/EU are also available.

HAMANN AG assists customers with worldwide supply of spare parts, even for new and legacy systems. HAMANN AG has established an excellent reputation for its prompt and reliable technical service worldwide and partners with MSHS to offer unequalled service for yacht water and sewage treatment systems.

MSHS, Your Hamann Solution Provider

As leading supplier to the yacht market, MSHS supports every aspect of new systems and after market sales including inspection, commissioning, maintenance and service. MSHS is proud to be the official Hamann Sales and Service representative for refits throughout the USA and Caribbean.

Hamann Product Benefits:

  • No sensitive parts
  • No use of filters and membranes
  • Easy operation and low maintenance costs
  • Fully automated systems

In order to meet the demands of different types / sizings of ships the HL-CONT Plus is scaled to different sizes.

Hamann Spare Parts

  • Dedicated team of specialists
  • Close partnership with Hamann with full access to the supply chain
  • Extensive Hamann spare parts inventory
  • Competitive pricing and minimal turnaround times

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Factory-approved Hamann Service

  • Short turnaround times for emergency service in the Americas and the Caribbean
  • Factory-trained and experienced technicians
  • Installation of complete units

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Full service locations in Southeast, the Gulf Coast, and the Pacific Northwest, plus a network of local representatives throughout the Americas and the Caribbean.

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