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AJ 288


The AJ 288 is a lightweight, compact and highly efficient commercial waterjet. Cavitation limits are the highest in class due to Alamarin-Jets leading hydrodynamic design, without reducing top speed capabilities.

The AJ 288 is designed for long tail installation, which a means the jet body is located outside the hull. This installation method maximises the available space onboard the vessel by allowing the engine to be moved further aft. This is also beneficial for higher top speed as the vessels centre of gravity can also be moved further towards the transom.

Engine Features & Specifications

AJ 288 is compatible with AJ ACU and AJ Intelligent Operation control systems

Alamarin-Jet Maximum vessel displacement:
5000kg / 11 000lbs

Maximum input power:
330 kW / 450 HP

Jet weight:
120kg / 265lbs

Pump type:
Mixed flow

Maximum impeller shaft RPM:
3700 1/min

Maximum impeller diameter
288mm / 11.3"

Reverse deflector control:

Jet construction:
Aluminium / Stainless Steel

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    Alamarin-Jet Spare Parts

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